Lemon or Legendary? An Auto Service Advisor’s Guide to Unappreciated Cars

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People get very particular about their cars, and tend not to be very forgiving about bad design choices. Weird angles, odd shapes, and sub-par performance can be unforgivable sins in the eyes of some auto fans, and second chances often aren’t in the cards for vehicles that don’t make a great first impression.

But what about when a bad first impression is wrong? What about when a car is different enough that it doesn’t get people excited about it, but is also kind of great? Wouldn’t a second look be worthwhile?

Struggling to think of a good example of an underappreciated—but really great—car? Here are a few to mull over.

The BMW 3-series Sports Wagon Isn’t Pretty, But It’s Far From Terrible

Ask anyone to make a list of the most attractive cars around and there’s a pretty great chance that wagons will appear on exactly zero lists. They’re overly long, kind of weird looking, and just not the kind of car that people are excited to drive. The BMW 3-series Sports Wagon, though, is worth taking note of.

Big enough to store a bit of cargo, and packing in great performance and fuel economy, it’s a great compromise for people who need extra space but don’t want to sacrifice on the driving experience. Unfortunately, not too many drivers were keen on that combination when this vehicle first came out. Still, the fact remains that if you spot one in your automotive service advisor career, you shouldn’t discount it as just being like any old station wagon. It’s really packing in some pretty special capabilities.

Auto Service Advisors May Know the Ford Explorer Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Reputation

After a rash of deadly rollovers, the Ford Explorer’s reputation took a bit of a hit back in the 1990s. Years have passed, though, and things have changed. The Ford Explorer is now a solid vehicle, and was even named North American Truck of the Year in 2011. If only more people cared.

While the Explorer was licking its wounds, other models were gaining in popularity. The lingering unfavourable sentiments among some drivers, combined with stronger market positions held by other cars, means the Explorer continues to be ignored by some segments of the population today. In your career as an auto service advisor, you can expect to see this vehicle fare just as well as the competition when it comes to both regular wear and tear and resilience in accidents.

The Honda Ridgeline Got No Love at First, But Auto Service Advisors May Appreciate It

The Honda Ridgeline is a weird vehicle. It’s a unibody truck, similar to many SUVs, but with an open bed. Thing is, most people who get a truck with an open bed want something that can haul a ton of heavy stuff, and unibody vehicles aren’t great for that.

Times change, though, and as the Ridgeline has persisted, more consumers interested in hauling some stuff, but not a ton, have taken notice. For drivers who appreciate the pickup aesthetic, but don’t need or want a heavy-duty monster, this kind of vehicle can be a great choice, and offers a smoother driving experience. The Ridgeline’s unibody design does mean that it is more prone to extensive damage, though. The odds are pretty good that if you see this kind of vehicle in for repairs in your career, it will need more work than a regular truck would.

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