Why Learning The Lingo Matters in Your Automotive Service Advisor Career

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When you are working as an advisor in the automotive service industry, communication is one of the most important skills to have. A successful advisor will act as an intermediary between clients and technicians to make sure that information is accurately conveyed from one to the other.

As an advisor, you may be on the front line of a shop or dealership. You might answer the telephone, make appointments, receive clients and provide them with repair estimates, and maintain positive relationships with them.

If you are someone who loves cars, wants to work in the automotive industry, and has good social skills, a career as an automotive service advisor might be for you. Read on to learn why it is important for an advisor to have good knowledge of automotive language in order to be successful.

An Automotive Advisor Must Be Able to Simplify Things for Customers

Being able to communicate with clients is a central part of an automotive service advisor’s job. Your communication skills help to establish and maintain your relationship with clients. Because most of your clients might not know as much as you do about automobiles, you have to make sure that you express yourself in a way that they can understand. Understanding the terminology will help you do that.


Learning the lingo will make you an asset to clients and service techs
Learning the lingo will make you an asset to clients and service techs

In turn, the other important aspect of communicating with clients is making sure that you can understand them. Not being able to find the words to say something can be frustrating, but if you are attentive and you know enough of the lingo, you’ll be able to help clients express themselves so that they can tell you what you need to know.

Having the Language Skills to Communicate with Service Techs Is Important

Even though your first responsibility is to the client, you must also be able to communicate with your colleagues. Making sure that the right information is passed on from the front of the shop to the garage is essential to avoiding mistakes and misunderstandings during your automotive service advisor career. Once you understand what the client wants, you can adapt the language so that the service technicians can do their part.

Making sure that the right information is passed along from the client to the technician and from the technician to the client ensures that the job will be well done. Furthermore, it helps maintain the long-term relationship between the client and the shop or dealership.


Service advisors are central to managing client relationships
Service advisors are central to managing client relationships


Being Able to Express Yourself Shows Skill and Confidence

When you work in the automotive industry, it’s very important that you know your stuff. Sometimes a service advisor might have a pretty good idea about what is going on, but without the appropriate level of language skills, that knowledge might not be communicated with the customer very well. When you seem unsure as a service advisor, your credibility can be affected. Clients want to deal with auto repair shops and dealerships that are professional. A big part of building a professional reputation is making sure that you are able to speak the lingo to show customers that you’re authoritative and knowledgeable about automotive service.

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