Launch Control: Explained for Those in a Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Course

Launch control is a feature that is specifically attributed to fuel engine elite sports cars and high-performance vehicles. Now, it is being rolled out in hybrid and electric vehicles as well, with the great example of the electric vehicle Porsche Taycan, that can reach 750 hp of overboost when activated with launch control. 

At ATC Surrey, you’ll learn all the details about hybrid cars and EVs that will prepare you for a career as a professional mechanic. Through our hybrid technology training, you’ll gain the skills to work on launch controls similar to those on the Porsche Taycan, as they become more popular in EVs and hybrid vehicles. Read on to learn more about launch controls!

Launch Control Assists With Acceleration

Launch control is considered an Advanced Assistance System (ADAS) that assists drivers with accelerating quickly from a starting point. It’s specifically designed to deliver high acceleration by producing the maximum amount of traction and power from a stationary position within the shortest amount of time. The program at ATC Surrey will prepare you to service hybrids and EVs that are expected to carry the launch control feature in the future. Specifically, you’ll work on safety issues, general maintenance, control systems, and electric motors operations in hybrid vehicles. A hybrid and electric mechanic can expect to see the launch control feature cropping up in the future, as it gains popularity with hybrids and EVs. 

A hybrid and electric mechanic will get to work on an ADAS system like the launch control

A Hybrid and Electric Mechanic Should Know How Launch Control Works

The launch control stops the wheels from spinning and hopping. When the brake pedal is released, it triggers a sensor to the ECU that the car needs to move. The clutch within the DCT then receives a maximum amount of torque once the brake is released, which then allows for the same torque output to reach the wheels from the ECU. This also allows the launch control to manage the throttle, gear, and torque settings of the vehicle to prevent any damages from occurring. The hybrid and electrical mechanic training at ATC Surrey will prepare you to become a professional mechanic, servicing the DCT and the ECU of hybrid vehicles and their accompanying launch control systems.

Activate Launch Control and Off You Go!

Activating the launch control may seem complicated, but it only takes a few steps and is relatively simple to activate. A driver will select a specific driver mode, ranging from Comfort, Sport and Eco to Sport+, Individual, and Smart, simply by pressing a button. 

Launch control is activated with the simple push of a button

Once the driver mode is selected, the brake of the car needs to be held down until a start flag appears on the information panel screen. The rpm and starting speed then need to be regulated. As soon as that is done, the brake is released and the gear is engaged for takeoff. And off you go!

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