Land Rover Planning New SVX Line of Hardcore Off-Roaders

Land Rover Planning New SVX Line of Hardcore Off-Roaders

SVX used to be equated with the strangely designed, massive Subaru flop of the 90s, but now that’s no longer the case. If the rumours are true, then students who recently began their auto mechanic courses might just be able to see a brand new line of hardcore off-roaders rolling out of dealerships by the time they graduate. This new line comes from the highly successful Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division at Jaguar Land Rover, and is sure to have car technicians and enthusiast everywhere itching to try it out. Read on to learn more about this exciting new development.

The Highly Successful Special Vehicle Operations Division

The military-sounding Special Vehicle Operations division at Jaguar Land Rover has already proven its mettle with the launch of the SVR line. The 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR dazzled Top Gear’s Jason Barlow, who sang its praise and called it “rigorously engineered, but has soul, too, which is where it scores over its various Teutonic nemeses.” He also called it a serious candidate for the best-sounding car ever.

Hear it for yourself here:

Since then, SVO has announced the arrival of the swanky SV Autobiography Range Rover. Priced at $199,495, the luxury SUV comes complete with deployable tables, a chiller compartment, monitors, “deep twist pile mohair carpet mats,” and a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine.

What Exactly Can Car Technicians Expect from SVX?

The SVR and SVAutobiography lines will carry both Jaguar and Land Rover products, but SVX will be a Land Rover exclusive.

Also, unlike its SVR and SVAutobiography counterparts, the SVX line will be a little less precious and a lot more rugged. Thanks to SXV, automotive service advisors can look forward to soon seeing “The Land Rover’s Land Rover.”

The idea for the SVX line has been a long time coming, says SVO managing director John Edwards. “When we did the G4 Challenge five or six years ago, there was a strong but niche demand for a G4 Challenge Range Rover. We never thought there would be, but there was. A car that has the roof rack, lights, tyres and underbody protection. There really are people who want to use the car for what it’s designed for.

With the massive popularity of CUVs and SUVs today, it’s no surprise that drivers are looking for a vehicle that can do it all by providing transportation in the city, and the utilities for adventure in the country.

What Else is SVO Cooking Up?

There are four different types of cars we want to do at SVO,” Edwards was quoted telling Car and Driver. “There are on-road performance cars, all-terrain performance cars that we haven’t done so far, luxury derivatives and what we’re calling collector’s editions, like the Project 7.

It seems like students taking auto mechanic courses now can expected to see a lot from Land Rover SVO in the next few years!

Are you thinking about taking mechanic courses in Cambridge? What upcoming vehicle are you anticipating the most?

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