Is Jaguar Gaining on Tesla with the New I-Pace? Students in Auto Mechanic Training Can Find Out

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It seems like every automaker has ambitious plans for all-electric vehicles, and Jaguar is no exception. Where some other companies are looking to take on electric cars, though, Jaguar’s ambition is to issue a challenge to the Tesla Model X by bringing the Jaguar I-Pace, a new electric SUV, to the public.

Curious as to whether this new entrant can match the Model X’s capabilities and style? Here’s what students in automotive training can find out about this upcoming electric SUV.

Students in Auto Mechanic Training Might Appreciate the I-Pace’s Acceleration

High-end electric cars are known for their ability to get up and go, typically boasting very quick acceleration. The I-Pace is no exception, boasting a 0-100 km/h time of about 4 seconds. Compare that to the Tesla Model X, which comes in at around 6 seconds, and there’s a case to be made that the I-Pace is the better option for speedsters.

On top of that, the I-Pace’s dual-engine setup can produce 400 HP, making it quite powerful once it gets going. If you’re someone who loves high-performance cars and who is interested in the ongoing wave of new all-electric cars, you’ll probably want to peek under a Jaguar I-Pace’s hood after your auto mechanic training.

The Manufacturing Team Promises a Smooth Ride From the Vehicle

Electric vehicles are quiet to begin with, but to hear the team behind the I-Pace tell it, the I-Pace will be something special. The chassis is designed to distribute weight quite evenly, allowing the ride to remain smooth, and development work has been ongoing to tweak the suspension to perfection.

One great quality of electric vehicles is that they tend to be easier to maintain than gas-powered cars. Taking pains to achieve better weight distribution could further improve that longevity, as it would help reduce the odds of a particular area or part being exposed to too much weight. If you work in careers in the auto industry that let you work on the I-Pace, keep an eye out to see what effect, if any, this weight distribution has on component stability.

After Auto Mechanic Training, You’ll See the I-Pace Suffers From a Common EV Problem

Despite everything the I-Pace has going for it, it can’t escape a common reality for electric vehicles: a lengthy charging time. From a completely depleted battery, the I-Pace can be expected to charge up to 80 per cent in 90 minutes, which is quite a long time for travellers who have a great distance to go.

For that reason, while the I-Pace might be a good option for those individuals and families who don’t have that far to go—the I-Pace has an estimated range of 386 km—it’s not the eco-friendly solution for those people who want to go farther afield. Until this problem is solved, you’re likely to see gas-powered cars retain quite a bit of popularity in your career as a mechanic.

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Until their range improves, you might not see vehicles like the I-Pace take over the automotive market

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