Is Dispatch School Right For You? 5 Signs That Point to Yes

Are you considering a career as a dispatcher? Dispatchers are vital cogs in the Canadian trucking industry, which is worth an estimated $65 billion. To cope with the high-intensity demands of the job and execute their duties with consummate ease, a dispatcher must possess the right blend of knowledge and skills.

The good news is most of the skills necessary for a rewarding and successful career as a dispatcher are inborn. With the right training, you can learn how to harness these skills and apply them to amazing effects in your role as a dispatcher.

If you find you already have these five skills, dispatch school may be the right fit for you.

1. You’re An Effective Communicator

If you value clear, effective communication and can relay information in the same manner, you already possess one of the most essential dispatching skills. In line with their jobs, dispatchers need to coordinate the itineraries of a team of drivers in diverse locations. Maintaining an open line of communication can reduce unnecessary friction and eliminate the possibility of potential misunderstandings. As any driver will tell you, this can often be the difference between a successful trip and a missed deadline.

2. You Possess Excellent Planning Skills

Efficiency is one of the defining hallmarks of a good dispatcher, and consummate planning skills are one of the greatest enablers of efficiency. The importance of planning ahead is perhaps even more pronounced in the transportation industry, where the success of deliveries can be influenced by so many variables.

The ability to plan ahead, prioritize, and stay organized makes for an effective dispatcher.

Planning for the upcoming workday beforehand can help you spot and fix inaccuracies relating to drivers’ projected delivery times and itineraries. This will, in turn, save you from having to make last-minute changes. 

If you notice that your natural instinct is to stay organized and plan efficiently, a good dispatch school can help you focus these skills in preparation for your dispatching career.

3. You Have Good Road Knowledge

Do you have accurate and extensive knowledge of road network systems? Dispatchers with good road knowledge are extremely valued by drivers. This knowledge is useful in a multitude of situations, particularly when you find yourself dealing with a driver who’s not familiar with a certain route.

As a dispatcher, much of your job will be based on providing route assistance to drivers. Having extensive knowledge of a driver’s route, including details of obstacles that may slow down their trip, can be beneficial to all parties. 

4. You Work Well Under Pressure

Dispatchers often work in high-pressure environments. The transportation industry operates at a rapid pace, and you may need to deal with restless drivers who are eager to meet up with their deadlines.

Dispatchers college grads must be able to work well under pressure.

Keeping a cool head at all times will not only prevent misunderstandings or conflicts from developing between you and your drivers, but it’ll also help foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding between you and others in your circle.

5. You’re Good At Cultivating Relationships

In your role as a dispatcher, you’re likely to come into contact with a lot of other professionals in auto careers. Brokers, truckers, owner-operators, and executives of trucking companies are people you’ll most probably need to deal with every day. You may also need to work with a sales and estimation team.

Cultivating and maintaining good relationships with others can be key to your success as a dispatcher. 

Are you ready to hone your skills at a world-class dispatch college?

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