Is Automotive Service Advisor a Good Career? An Updated Guide for 2024

Are you a car lover who enjoys working with people, too? If you’re searching for a career path that combines both interests in a rewarding, secure position, look no further than the automotive service advisor role. 

Due to significant economic changes in recent years, you may wonder whether service advisor training is the right decision for you in 2024. Read this comprehensive guide to learn why the answer is yes.

What Do Automotive Service Advisors Do?

The main objective of the automotive service advisor role is to act as a liaison between customers at an automotive repair shop and the technicians who work on the vehicles. This front-facing role requires workers to interact with customers directly, greeting them as they come in, answering their questions, managing complaints, and advising them on which services suit their specific needs.

A service advisor training grad collaborating with a repair tech in a garage.
Service advisor training will prepare you to meet the demands of this dynamic career.

In addition to the many customer service functions these professionals must fulfill, they must use their excellent technical knowledge to collaborate with technicians to determine the best automotive repair solutions and cut customer costs. 

Service advisors are also responsible for administrative tasks such as scheduling, billing, writing work orders, and inventory management. So, is automotive service advisor a good career for you? The answer is likely yes if you possess the skills we discuss below or want to develop them. 

What Skills Should a Good Automotive Service Advisor Possess? 

Automotive service advisors are mainly responsible for helping customers, making interpersonal skills essential. Being naturally personable will help you succeed in this field. Still, extra training in customer service is typically necessary to develop the skills needed to manage the needs of customers and technicians. 

Our service advisor diploma program covers customer relations and internal communications in depth to prepare students to provide high-quality assistance to customers and colleagues. Our program teaches students the fundamentals of automotive parts and systems, helping them confidently navigate various shop work environments.

A service advisor training grad helping a customer to find tires.
Service advisor training will prepare you to excel in an auto repair shop.

Is Automotive Service Advisor a Good Career in 2024?

Yes, automotive service advisor jobs are an excellent option for many reasons. Firstly, if people need their vehicles repaired, they’ll need service advisors’ guidance and administrative support. Though it’s slowly recovering, the automotive sales industry has slowed since the 2020 pandemic, primarily due to significantly higher prices. As a result, many drivers have opted for automotive repair services rather than replacement.

In addition to excellent job prospects, service advisors can look forward to professional advancement opportunities after entering their first entry-level position. Many service advisors go on to parlay their experience to pursue management positions. 

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