Introducing the Automotive Diesel Service Technician Program

The Automotive Training Centre is very happy to announce the launch of a new automotive training program: the Automotive Diesel Service Technician.

Starting on June 4th, 2012, the Automotive Diesel Service Technician program will train students to understand, diagnose and repair light-duty diesel engines. As many of you know, it is essential for light-duty diesel engine technicians to understand the operation of these engine components and systems in order to service them properly. A certain amount of specialized education and experience is required, in other words.

The new Automotive Diesel Service Technician program, therefore, was designed to provide this specialized skill set, ensuring that graduates are prepared for entry-level employment.

Like other automotive training programs at ATC, the new program will offer a comprehensive mix of classroom, theoretical instruction and hands-on, practical training in an actual repair shop. The advantage to this type of instruction is that graduates will have developed the experience and confidence that comes from on-the-job training and work.

Led by experienced instructors, students in the Automotive Diesel Service Technician program will work directly on servicing and maintenance of light duty diesel engines. This classwork also includes engine control computers, fuel management, and emission control systems.

Graduates of the Diesel Service Technician program will be able to:

  • Understand why diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines
  • Inspect, diagnose and repair light-duty diesel engines
  • Explain the construction, operation and service required of a diesel engine
  • Describe and use specialized diesel engine tools and equipment
  • List and explain the operation of all engine components
  • Distinguish and describe the components of a fuel injection system
  • Describe the operating principles and list the major components of injection pumps
  • Describe the design and operation of injectors
  • Explain and know the difference of operating Timing Control and Mechanical Variable Control
  • Communicate the basic principles of electricity
  • Select, service and test batteries
  • Explain and understand basic operating principles of electronically controlled multiple plunger inline injection pumps, unit injection systems and distributor pump injection systems
  • Explain and build an understanding of the importance of a preventive maintenance program and accurate maintenance records
  • Properly prepare a diesel engine for short and long term storage

As you can see, training is comprehensive and varied, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed for most entry-level jobs.

For more information on Automotive Service Technician program, please contact a Career Advisor today!

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