Why Students in Automotive School Will Love the 2024 Alfa Romeo Milano

The automobile industry has witnessed several remarkable rollouts since it began its drive to adopt electric powertrains. With electric vehicles (EVs) fast becoming all the rage, the biggest car manufacturers have been in a hot race to key into the electrification roadmap, and several winners have emerged. 

There has been no short supply of impressive cars sporting the most innovative solutions in electric batteries and powertrain technology. The Italian car maker Alfa Romeo is seeking to join this prestigious club of EV makers with the long-awaited rollout of its Alfa Romeo Milano. This car is rightfully sparking a frenzy in the industry and for people in automotive school, and here’s why. 

Automotive School Insights Into the Alfa Romeo Milano

Since Alfa Romeo first signaled its intent to release its first EV, news of the carmaker’s plan has filtered through the industry. On its part, the company has continued to tip off the public on what this first-of-its-kind car will look like, starting with teasers and a subtle name reveal. One thing is sure: the car will be a crossover SUV, a B-SUV, with a dual-motor, four-wheel-drive.

The Alfa Romeo Milano, during hybrid and electrical mechanic training
Discover Alfa Romeo’s New Crossover SUV at Automotive School.

Explore the New Range as an Electric Vehicle Mechanic

The prospects touted by the car’s makers are exciting, both for people in automotive school and others in the industry. Early forecasts state that the car will adopt the key components of the Jeep Avenger and the Fiat 600, two cars based on the same Stellantis brand as the Alfa Romeo. What this means for the car is that it’ll come with designs similar to those of these cars’ electric motors, powertrains, and battery packs. 

To put it in figures, the Alfa Romeo Milano will come with a 115kW electric motor and a 54kWh battery pack. This should give it an effective range of over 250 miles or 400km on a full battery charge, impressive numbers for the automaker’s first plunge in EV waters.

The Alfa Romeo Milano undergoing performance tests in hybrid and electrical mechanic training
Explore Alfa Romeo’s range and performance in hybrid and electrical mechanic training.

Explore Alfa Romeo’s Powerful Performance

The car is also expected to make a huge splash in the performance department. Its electric powertrain is not the only gas source in the tank, and this is based on its projected adoption of the CMP electric drive system. This means the car can come fitted with an internal combustion engine, a plug-in hybrid, or a fully electric drivetrain. These configurations will be launched as part of a phased introduction. 

The electric powertrain version will be released first, paving the way for the mild hybrid versions coming out later. The combustion engines will also be phased out ultimately a little later, with the car going fully electric by 2027 across all models. The car’s CMP profile should interest people in hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic training programs. Its prospects in regenerative braking, the integration of a sophisticated motor-generator unit, and an impressive electric drivetrain will form significant talking points, and rightfully so. 

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