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Beautiful scenery, long straights, sharp corners, and challenging turns. The history of motor racing has given us some incredible races and some equally incredible tracks. From the UK to the US, from Monaco to Japan, these tracks can be found right across the world.

Scottish rally driver Colin McRae famously said, ‘straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers,’ and some of the world’s top racetracks are famous for their corners and turns. These give the driver the ability to impress audiences and show their skills.

Read on to find out more about some of the most legendary racetracks in the world.

Race Against a Scenic Countryside Backdrop at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is based in the heart of the Ardennes countryside in Belgium. It’s often referred to as the most beautiful racetrack in the world,as it takes drivers through endless rolling hills.

Students in mechanic courses may know of Spa-Francorchamps as the home of the Belgian Grand Prix. The circuit has become famous for the Eau Rouge corner, a sharp left-hand corner that leads steeply uphill after another right-hander. Formula One cars hit this sharp turn at speeds of 300km/h, which will have you right at the edge of your seat.

Suzuka International Racing Course is Legendary in Mechanic Courses Because of its History

One of Japan’s first racetracks was the Suzuka International Racing Course, and it is still making history today. The Suzuka Circuit was built as a racetrack in 1962 by Honda and has hosted a number of races since then, including the first Japanese Grand Prix in 1987.

With a unique figure-of-eight layout and endless curves and sharp corners, this track allows for an impressively fast race.

If you’re considering an auto mechanic career in Cambridge, you may already be familiar with the legendary crash between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost at Suzuka in 1989. The collision is one of the defining moments in the racetrack’s history.


The Suzuka race track is one of the most famous in history
The Suzuka race track is one of the most famous in history


Fly Through City Streets at One of the World’s Most Famous Tracks in Monaco

The Circuit de Monaco is one of the most iconic racetracks in the world. Even those that aren’t a fan of motorsports know it by reputation. The roads were never actually designed to be a racetrack, and when they’re not being used by racecars are filled with commuters and traffic.

The Circuit de Monaco has hosted the Monaco Grand Prix more than 60 times and is one of the only remaining street circuits today.

Silverstone is the Home of British Motorsport

Built on airfields after World War 2, Silverstone Circuit is the home of British motorsport. Before its opening in 1948, the UK didn’t have a major racetrack. The airfields were originally used as a training base for the Royal Air Force. Now, it’s drivers that race through the track on land.

Silverstone has hosted a number of important races, including FIA, WEC, BTCC, and the British Grand Prix. Its most challenging turn is the Maggott-Becketts-Chapel sequence, which is a quick corner sequence that challenges drivers on control.

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