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100 years later, these vehicles still stand the test of time. As the 1920s have now become a century old, it’s time to take a look back at some of the cars that defined the era, and why they’re still incredibly cool even as we enter the 2020s.

Although these are only a few of the iconic vehicles of the 1920s, the ones profiled here were not only among the more memorable, but also very much ahead of their time. Here are a few cars from the Roaring Twenties that will fascinate any automotive buff.

1924 Chrysler Model B-70: The First of its Kind

Known as the first car designed by Walter Chrysler, this vehicle would act as a precursor for the Chrysler Corporation. The 1924 B-70 would prove to be one of the most powerful vehicles of its time, accelerating from five to 25 mph (eight to 40 km/h) in a span of seven seconds, while also driving between 70 to 75 mph (around 113 to 121 km). The vehicle included four-wheel hydraulic brakes, a six-cylinder engine, and nearly 70 horsepower. The Model B-70 became one of the most successful vehicles of its era, and boasted other unprecedented features such as hydraulic shock absorbers and an aluminum piston.

The Chrysler Model B-70 was known for boasting various unprecedented features for its time

The Chrysler Model B-70 was known for boasting various unprecedented features for its time

Duesenberg Model J: Combining Power and Luxury

As far as the more expensive side of 1920s cars goes, this vehicle is arguably the cream of the crop. Introduced at the 1928 New York Car Show less than a year prior to the start of the Great Depression, it was the most powerful and fastest passenger car in America at the time, with a 7L engine and 265 horsepower. The Model J even came in “supercharged” form after 1932, and its chassis alone cost $8,500 USD (more than $123,000 USD, or close to $160,000 CAD, today). This was a car for the wealthy, and it had the advanced features to match. Although the Model J ceased production in 1937 following the collapse of Duesenberg owner E. L. Cord’s financial empire, it remains an impressive relic for anyone in mechanic courses to learn about.

Ford Model A: The Dream of Any Student in Mechanic Courses

Automotive buffs might have read about the Ford Model T, known as the first car to be affordable for the masses during the early 20th century. However, it ceased production in 1927 after being replaced by the Model A, which expanded on the previous model with its own unique specifications. Boasting a speed of 50 to 60 mph (about 80 to 97 km/h) and coming in sizes like station wagon, truck, coupe, and convertible cabriolet, the Model A is an impressive car for those in an automotive technology course to learn about. It featured four-wheel brakes, hydraulic shock absorbers, and a top speed of about 65 mph (105 km/h). Despite only being in production until 1932, it managed to sell more than 4.3 million cars for the Ford Motor Company.

The Ford Model A came in four different colours and numerous sizes

The Ford Model A came in four different colours and numerous sizes

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