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Finding parking can be a real concern for truck drivers and dispatchers. Having to go out of the way, back track, or waste gas while finding a parking spot can drag down a company’s profits. Not being able to find a parking spot is especially common for newer truck drivers or drivers who are driving a new route because they aren’t as aware of the region’s parking options. Fortunately, because finding truck parking is an industry-wide challenge, there are many innovative apps out there that can help truck drivers find spots.

Read on to discover four truck parking apps you can recommend to your drivers.

1. RoadBreakers: A New App Students in Dispatch Training Should Know

RoadBreakers, whose motto is “built by truckers, for truckers”, is an easy-to-use platform that helps truckers find places to park their trucks. Currently the app is only available in the United States, but it’s expanding into the Canadian market soon, meaning that after your dispatch training you can look forward to recommending this app to your drivers.

RoadBreakers helps truck drivers find truck stops and retail stores that have parking spots available. The app’s designers used their own industry expertise to scour the country for unique parking places like small family-owned restaurants, street parking, plazas, casinos, and more. Users can even use the app to communicate with other drivers about parking locations and conditions. Best of all, your drivers don’t need to have access to the internet to use this app.

2. Trucker Path: A Popular Way to Find Parking Spaces

With over 450,000 users across Canada and the United States, Trucker Path is a widely-used app that truckers across North America rely on to find parking spaces. It’s no wonder the app is so popular, it boasts information about five million different trucking facilities. Some parking spots are well-known, while others are hidden gems truckers would never be able to find on their own. In addition to parking, the app can help drivers find a spot to fuel up, weigh stations, rest areas, and truck washes. Best of all? It’s completely free and drivers can download it on either an Apple or Android device.

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Parking apps like Trucker Path help drivers easily find parking spots

3. Park My Truck: Recommend This USA-based App for American Loads

As you may learn during your truck dispatcher courses in BC, many companies provide cross-border trucking services. Once you start your career, you may dispatch loads that cross the border to the United States. If this is the case, you can recommend your drivers use an American app called Park My Truck.

The app was developed by several prominent industry stakeholders in the US including NATSO, the American Trucking Association, and more. In an effort to improve highway safety, the group developed the Park My Truck app. It uses location services to help drivers determine the location of available parking spots nearby, with information updated every two hours by the parking providers.

4. Truck Stops & Travel Plazas: An App That Will Come in Handy After Dispatch Training

For the past 58 months the Truck Stops & Travel Plazas app has been the number one selling, ranked, and reviewed trucking app. Now that’s saying something! What’s unique about this app is it allows drivers to filter parking facilities by certain criteria. For example, if drivers are in need of a shower after a long day on the road, they can filter their search for nearby parking spots that have shower facilities. That’s just one example of how drivers can filter results. They could also filter for something like an ATM or restaurant availability. Unfortunately, this is app is not free, but if more customization is what your drivers need, the investment may be worth it.

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