Interested in Dispatch School? A Day in the Life of a Loss Prevention Administrator

Within the dispatching and commercial transportation industry, there’s hardly a role that’s more important in keeping drivers and their cargo safe than that of a loss prevention administrator. Loss prevention administrators work closely with truck drivers and the goods and products they transport from one location to another, ensuring that drivers and their trucks are aligned with industry safety standards. They also keep close records of vehicle maintenance, driver qualifications and more – and in the case of an audit, accident, or a related incident, these professionals will work to minimize harm or wasted resources, and maintain accurate information. 

If you’re looking for an engaging career after dispatch training, you may want to consider becoming a loss prevention administrator. Below, discover what a typical day on the job looks like for these professionals in order to learn more about this career path.

After Dispatch School, You Can Expect to Complete These Daily Tasks

Over the course of a given work day, there are many different tasks that loss prevention administrators will work to complete. After graduating from dispatcher school, loss prevention administrators use their knowledge of industry safety regulations and standards, such as the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) and the National Safety Code (NSC) to determine whether transportation carriers and drivers are compliant. They’ll conduct vehicle inspections, perform safety training, complete road test evaluations, and more. Loss prevention administrators may also come up with different strategies for preventing accidents in the future, based upon the information they’ve gathered from past accidents, events, or other cases of loss.

Loss prevention administrators work to ensure compliance with safety regulations among drivers and transportation carriers

When they’re not performing duties surrounding safety and compliance, loss prevention administrators may also work to keep company records updated. If there’s been a recent injury, accident, or mishap involving a driver, transportation carrier, or other party, loss prevention administrators will compile a report and fill out any necessary insurance forms. 

Skills You’ll Use Daily as a Loss Prevention Administrator

Loss prevention administrators possess a number of unique skills which enable them to succeed in managing loss, safety, and resources within the commercial transportation industry. If you’re considering a career as a loss prevention administrator after graduating from dispatch school, there are a few key skills you’ll want to consider building.

Organizational skills will come in handy when working as a loss prevention administrator, as these professionals are responsible for compiling reports, keeping documentation of driver qualifications and vehicle maintenance, and more. 

Loss prevention administrators use their organizational skills to maintain relevant information

Loss prevention administrators also benefit from possessing strong communication skills. Not only do they conduct training sessions and coordinate with drivers, they’ll also work closely with other dispatching professionals to obtain information about accidents, speak with automotive technicians performing maintenance on trucks, and more.

If you’re seeking a career as a loss prevention administrator, you may want to focus on building your critical thinking skills. Loss prevention administrators must work to develop different practices that can reduce the occurrence of accidents and other events that result in the loss of resources and time. Thus, your ability to think critically about how to best comply with safety regulations, or how to reduce areas of oversight, will enhance their success in minimizing losses throughout their career in the dispatching industry.

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