Interested in Auto Sales Training? Here’s 4 Things Families Look for When Buying a Car

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For many families, finding the right car can be difficult, especially one that can handle a packed schedule of work, pick-ups, drop-offs, sports practice, trips to school, and family vacations. Families themselves are a very different type of consumer than couples or even single buyers, and they each have specific demands in mind when it comes time to consider which new car will be right for them.

Generally, most families all share the same priorities—particularly safety, reliability, and economy—but other factors such as specific personal preferences can also influence their final decision. While there is no one car that fits every family’s needs, there is at least one car that is right for every family. If you’re interested in learning more about a career in automotive sales, read on for what you should know when helping a family find their next vehicle.

1. Automotive Salespeople Know Families Prioritize Safety

One of the top factors that families consider when choosing a car is, of course, safety. They don’t want a car that makes them feel worried when buckling their children into it, which is why it’s important to emphasize the safety features of the car you’re selling.

In terms of safety, it’s best to avoid suggesting small cars or large truck-like SUVs. An average sized sedan, hatchback, or similar car that performs well on safety tests and can fit booster seats are usually a good option to suggest. Be sure to also mention any side air bags, automatic locks, or other important safety features.

At ATC, students can learn the best ways to meet all of their customers’ car needs
At ATC, students can learn the best ways to meet all of their customers’ car needs

2. Overall Space Is a Big Factor When a Family Considers a New Car

Families—especially growing ones—need a car that will have the space for all of them, plus their groceries, sports equipment, car seats, pets, and more.

Auto sales training teaches the finer points of assessing your customer’s wants and needs, and it’s important to ask yourself what kind of features and facts you should be sure to mention that can make a difference between a sale and a fail. If a family is concerned about storage space, try drawing their attention to back seats which can be folded down to double their space or increase their ease of access, as well as the benefits of a large trunk space to store the things they’ll need to take with them on the go.

3. SUVs Are Becoming the New Family Favorite, but Don’t Forget the Minivan

Minivans were once the top choice for families whose only other alternative was a station wagon, but just as it won over hearts with a better exterior and more storage capabilities, so too did it lose out to the increasingly popular, more attractive sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

While some tastes may have changed, the minivan still has some advantages over an SUV that are important for professionals in automotive careers to focus on when dealing with a potential buyer. A minivan has a lower center of gravity and better gas mileage, meaning that it is a safer, more economical choice than an SUV, and a lower threshold makes it easier to get kids in and out of the car, although it may have a lower resale value than the average SUV.

Successful auto sales professionals know how to find the right car for each family they meet
Successful auto sales professionals know how to find the right car for each family they meet

4. Family Demand for Vehicles with Entertainment Options Has Risen

The adoption of in-cabin entertainment revolutionized the family car, making it easier for parents to travel with their children in peace, which means that vehicles that feature entertainment options are usually more preferred than ones that don’t.

If you are working with a family where entertainment is a must-have instead of a bonus, make sure you point out the parts of the car which address their concerns; if they want to play movies, show them the DVD player and screens mounted in the headrest or ceiling; if they want to be able to drive without worrying about their phone, make sure you mention any Bluetooth capabilities the car may have.

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