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Nearly everyone drives a car with a glossy finish, but a rare few stick with matte paint instead. Matte paint uses dimpling in the paint job to limit the amount of light that gets reflected. It’s an eye-catching look, if for no reason other than its relative uniqueness. However, it also comes with a few necessary tweaks to a car’s maintenance routine.

If you’re planning on getting in on the world of auto painting, there’s a decent chance that you’ll run into a car or two that has a matte look. Here are a few of the things you’ll need to know in order to do a top-notch job when dealing with this sort of paint job.

Auto Painting Pros Know That Matte Paint Is Difficult to Touch Up

It’s very difficult to perfectly match the colour of a new paint to an old one. When touching up a paint job for a car with a glossy finish, you’ll use a little creativity with wax and polish to blend the colours and mask the imperfect match of the paints. Unfortunately, no such option exists for matte paint jobs.

When dealing with obvious scratches on Matte paint, the only solutions you will have are to leave the scratch as it is, paint over the scratch and deal with the imperfect match, or paint the entire car. Fortunately, because matte paint doesn’t reflect as much light, scratches on the paint are generally harder to see, so it should be rare to need to make this kind of decision.

Professionals in Auto Painting Careers Can Protect Matte Paint with Special Sealant

Auto painting professionals know that regular polish, wax, and normal sealant products can’t be used with matte paint. They introduce unwanted sheen that will ruin the intended effect of the matte paint, and make the car look uneven.

That does not mean matte paint cannot be protected at all. Special sealant products exist that will protect a paint job without adding any gloss, and are a good way to keep a car looking good for a long time. When you use this kind of protection, know that it will not ruin the matte look by filling in the dimples in the paint. It is just a thin layer of protection that goes on top of the paint, and can last for many washes.

Matte Paint Needs to Be Cleaned Often and Carefully

Matte paint isn’t more delicate than glossy paint, but because any issues that do arise with matte paint are difficult to deal with, a lot more care needs to be taken with matte cars.

Generally, it is recommended that you clean matte paint by hand, with matte car wash soap and microfiber cloths. You should not use dish soaps, as they can weaken the sealant. It’s also good for you to know that car washes are a little rough, and so aren’t the best choice for cleaning a matte car. The potential for damage is a bit too high.

Professionals in auto painting careers are a go-to resource for people with matte cars, so expect to be asked for advice on how to clean matte cars by owners looking to keep their vehicles looking sharp.

Though matte paint jobs are still rare, they’re becoming a little more popular as time goes on. Knowing how they work, and how best to care for them, will help you excel in your career as an auto painting professional.

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