Interested in Auto Careers? Read 4 Facts About ATC’s Online Business Manager Program

Did you know that you could take the first step in your auto career without even leaving your home? Automotive Training Centres (ATC) offers online courses for aspiring automotive professionals to learn more about the profession. 

The Online Automotive Business Manager Program is perfect for students who are natural leaders or already have some automotive experience. The course covers a wide range of material so students can expect to graduate feeling prepared for an automotive career. 

Keep reading to find out four key facts about the online business manager course.


1- You Can Learn From Experienced Automotive Professionals 


The online course is instructor-led. This means that students will have access to experienced automotive professionals throughout the online business manager program, just like in the classroom. These professionals have been specially trained to teach the course online. 

Students can ask questions and reach out for support and guidance as they need. Even though it’s online, students will have plenty of support and guidance, so that they can graduate feeling comfortable about their next career move. This certification will enhance your resume and help you to advance in your auto career


2- You Can Graduate in 3 Weeks or a Year 


The great thing about the online automotive course is that students can study at a pace that suits them. You can complete the course in as little as 3 to 4 weeks, or spread the courses out over 12 months. This means that students can balance their studies with other work or family commitments. It also means that students can adapt their schedules and studies to best suit their needs. Those who have plenty of time and energy can finish their studies quickly, while those who would feel more comfortable taking their time can benefit from a more relaxed schedule.

Learn at a pace that suits you with ATC’s online business manager program


3- The Online Automotive Course Covers Many Different Aspects of an Automotive Business 


The online business manager program covers a wide range of topics, including almost every aspect of managing an automotive business. There are a total of 11 modules with topics ranging from psychology and leadership to finance and leasing. 

Students will learn how to:

  • Use computer-based programs for contracts and financing 
  • Interview customers who are purchasing a new or used vehicle 
  • Support the sales team 
  • Understand credit statements and bureau reports 
  • Legally disclose documents and contracts 
  • Understand financing and leasing 
  • Manage lenders

This means that students will graduate with an understanding of automotive businesses and how they operate, and feel ready to launch their auto career


4- You Could Start Today!


If you’re ready to invest in your future and take the next step in your automotive career, you could start today. As it’s an online course, students can begin learning as soon as their application is accepted. The course combines text, online training, and instructor-led support to help students gain their qualifications. Why wait?

You could start learning with ATC’s online course today

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