Interested in Auto Body Training? What It’s Like to Work as an Auto Body Refinisher

It’s a great step towards your future to be considering a career as an auto body refinisher. In this specialized field, you will be responsible for repairing and restoring damaged motor vehicle body parts, as well as the interior finishes. With the number of job openings and number of job seekers holding steady at similar levels across Canada, the balance between labour supply and demand over the next few years is expected to be well-balanced. A stable career in auto body refinishing could be the perfect future for you!

There are a number of facilities that you’ll be qualified to work in as an auto body refinisher. Your daily work may vary from repainting body surfaces to repairing defective parts. If you’re looking for a career that keeps you motivated with new projects every day, then this is the right place for you. Read on to learn more details about working as an auto body refinisher!

Qualifications as an Auto Body Refinisher

As a certified auto body technician, you’ll be qualified to perform a number of different jobs while on duty. One skill you may want to brush up on during your training is customer service. Believe it or not, this is a big role as an auto body refinisher. Speaking to customers, diagnosing their vehicle’s issues, and making sure the customer is willing to have the issues remedied is crucial for customer satisfaction. 

Other duties that you can expect while on the job include estimating repair cost based on damage reports, repairing damaged components, operating soldering equipment, inspecting vehicles for proper handling, and more. Your extensive training in your field will allow you to take on each project with the experience and confidence to succeed every time. 

As an auto body technician, you’ll be qualified to perform many tasks at your workplace

Possible Workplaces for a Career in Auto Body Repair

One option for your career in auto body repair is to look for employment at a dealership. Dealerships bring on auto body technicians to perform simple tasks such as oil changes, and also to perform more involved tasks such as vehicle inspections, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle repairs. 

Another potential workplace is a dedicated automobile body repair shop. These shops are staffed with mechanics and technicians who take in vehicles to inspect, diagnose, and repair the damages. They will also perform routine maintenance for some clients, and can establish a consistent clientele by maintaining great customer service.

Finally, you may find yourself wanting to work in an automobile appraisal centre. Appraisers estimate the cost or value of insured vehicles, and often require specialized auto body refinishers to assist in the inspections and weigh in on expected cost of repairs. The auto body technician will also perform the repairs with the go-ahead from the customer.

Explore the potential workplaces for auto body technicians to find the right fit for you

Career Advancement for an Auto Body Refinisher

As mentioned above, this industry has a great outlook for supply and demand for auto body technicians over at least the next 10 years. As an auto body refinisher, you’ll have the opportunity to specialize your skills as you gain experience on the job. Getting the chance to work on projects of all levels will allow you to grow as a professional in your field.


Aside from always learning and expanding your knowledge base, you could also go on to advance your career by starting your own business. Some auto body refinishers end up learning about business management throughout various jobs and workplaces, giving them the motivation to start your own business. If you’re dedicated to achieving this goal, you could potentially end up owning your own shop, creating the exact business that you’ve always dreamed of working for.

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