Innovative Car Accessories of the 21st Century

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Remember your first car?  That ridiculous maroon deathtrap that five years prior to your ownership, was perhaps considered a luxury car.  Of course, when you paid for its gas, the luxury had all but been drained – the sunroof no longer opened, the iPod connection was busted or nonexistent.  In a few years, the cars of today will be similar fossils, but we can enjoy them while they last.  As you study mechanic courses or at an autosales college, you will experience and promote the finest and most up to date car accessories available.  In this strange and bizarre new world of high-tech gadgets and gizmos, one must marvel at how close we are reaching innovation goals set long ago and constantly surpassing them.  We’ve already become accustomed to remotely starting our vehicles, so here are some more recent inventions that will forever change the way we drive.

GPS Navigation With Celebrity Voices

While more of a quirky toy than truly essential, Homer Simpson, Mr. T and many, many more celebrity voices have been telling us which direction to turn for the past four years.  It’s entirely for the sake of novelty, but certainly entertaining. Check out this demo:

Your Car Can Drive Itself (with wise limitations)

In what sounds almost too “James Bond” to be true, the Cruise RP-1 will control your car, regulating speed automatically, according to traffic.  Just as long as it is daylight and on the freeway.  Also, it won’t change lanes.  Essentially, The RP-1 acts as a $10,000 virtual cruise control.  So while you indulge in the more frivolous accessories such as a heater oven that plugs into your cigarette lighter, your car will simply glide all by itself.  Word is that the ride is not terribly smooth, however.  Inventors may still be in the early stages of such marvels being available to the general public, yet there is no question that this is quite an exciting leap.

Never Ask for Jumper Cables Again

The new Bolt Power D28 acts as a car defibrillator that can fit into your glove box.  This is an efficient, cheap recommendation you may well make to clients after an auto mechanic apprenticeship that would ensure their safety and security on the road.  Long road trips through various weather patterns can take quite a toll on a car battery.  Rather than have to request a jump off a stranger, this device allows the driver to help themselves.  Convenient and simple, the D28’s lithium ion battery can also charge laptops and iPods.

Up to Date Traffic Updates

In a hurry?  Your iPhone or Android can easily be synched to your car’s GPS to give you precise, accurate traffic reports.  Be it construction, busy intersections or accidents, your quickest route can be calculated in seconds, approximating delays more effectively than ever.

These are just a few exciting new auto technologies.  Do you have or know of a gadget we may have overlooked?  

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