Infographic: Work Environments to Explore After Auto Body Estimator Training

If you’re exploring your options for employment after auto body estimator training, you might be surprised by the many opportunities available to you. Collision estimators perform a number of different duties around the repair and assessment of damaged vehicles. These professionals inspect vehicles to determine the extent of the damage, identify the necessary repairs, estimate the cost of labour, and parts, and prepare work orders.  Collision estimators possess extensive knowledge about the market value of vehicles, the feasibility of repairs, and the application of warranty coverage or insurance policies.

As a collision estimator, your qualifications will enable you to find work within many different types of businesses, including insurance companies, automotive dealerships, repair shops, and more. Discover the many different work environment opportunities for employment below.

Work Environments to Explore After Auto Body Estimator Training

Meta Description: Considering auto body estimator training? With your skills, you’ll be able to choose from many different work environments. Discover the possibilities here.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often hire their own collision estimator to:

  • Perform estimates on a company’s behalf
  • Verify estimates or claims made by other estimators
  • Determine the cost covered by the company

Automotive Dealership

Many dealerships employ collision estimators in order to:

  • Meet with customers who’ve purchased vehicles at the dealership
  • Examine damaged vehicles
  • Obtain information related to the accident
  • Make a plan for repair

Collision Repair Shops

At collision repair shops, collision estimators:

  • Assess damaged vehicles that come into the shop
  • Draw up a work order for the repair shop to follow
  • Place orders for replacement parts
  • Act as a point of contact for insurance  companies

Work Independently

Experienced collision estimators can choose to be self-employed, which enables them to:

  • Contract services to vehicle owners
  • Work for auto repair shops on their own terms
  • Make their own schedule
  • Set their own prices

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