[Infographic] Where Can Mechanic Training Take You?

Do you love cars and fixing things, and want to marry the two for your next career move? Auto mechanic training might just be for you. If your passion for both translates into something you want for your professional life, you could look for ways to become a mechanic

Whether you’re rebuilding engines, fixing a car’s transmission, or even just refilling a vehicle’s power steering fluid, there’s plenty of rewarding work to be found in this field—including jobs where you specialize in any one of those tasks. Your auto mechanic career has plenty of room for growth, and there’s many ways you can get to where you want to be. Here are just some of the different directions that you can explore after your mechanic training.

Where Can Mechanic Training Take You?

Once you graduate from automotive service technician training, there are many different entry level positions you can look into, such as:

  • Tire installer
  • Auto mechanic apprentice
  • Apprentice brake and alignment specialist
  • Lube rack specialist
  • Maintenance technician

That’s not all, though. Mechanics and auto professionals also work in many different environments.

They can be found working in:

  • Dealerships
  • Independent shops
  • Custom and specialty shops
  • Organizations that have large fleets
  • And more!

Recent graduates can also look forward to career progression as they gain experience. 

There are many different directions you can take your career.

Advanced positions you can work towards include:

  • Muffler specialist
  • Electrical specialist
  • Engine technician
  • Fuel specialist
  • Diagnostician
  • Assistant manager
  • Emissions specialist
  • Performance specialist
  • Shop manager or owner
  • And more!

Why studying to be an auto mechanic is worth it:

  • About 119,300 people across Canada work as an automotive service technician 
  • Just over 14,000 mechanics work in British Columbia
  • In B.C., the median hourly wage before taxes for automotive service technicians is $28.80 ($56,160 per year), while the high is $40 ($78,000).
  • Each year, the auto mechanic industry in Canada generates around $11 billion in yearly revenue nationwide.
  • Job openings in this profession are expected to total around 27,900 across Canada by 2026.
  • Upon receiving your Red Seal endorsement, you can take your auto mechanic career anywhere in Canada, should you need to move.

Did you know? According to Statistics Canada, more than 25 million road motor vehicles are registered on roads across the country.

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