Infographic: Transmission Care for Your Car

Your car’s transmission is an important and pricey component. When it works well, drivers can easily shift between gears, speed up, and slow down. When it’s not working so well, gears might slip, you might hear clunks and other noises while driving, and could even find small pools of transmission fluid have leaked out while the vehicle is parked.

When the transmission stops working entirely, the vehicle won’t drive at all – and repairs can cost upwards of two thousand dollars.

Fortunately, with the help of a trained automotive service technician, you can keep your car’s transmission running smoothly for a long time.

Whether you’re completing a mechanic program or just want tips on maintaining your car, here’s a look at how you can look after your car’s transmission.


How often should you change your car’s transmission fluid?

Start by checking your car owner’s manual to see what your manufacturer recommends

Most experts agree you should change your transmission fluid every 50, 000 Km


Every two years

If you use your car to

  • Tow a trailer
  • Commute in heavy traffic
  • Or shift to park or reverse before your car comes to a complete stop

Your transmission fluid might need to be changed sooner.

How to check your transmission fluid

Most cars let you check transmission fluid by dipstick

  • Put a few drops on a clean paper towel

(something like this):

New                          Okay                         Schedule a change                             Danger Zone!

Other warning signs:

  • Burnt smell
  • metal shavings

Changing transmission fluid

There are two ways automotive service technicians change transmission fluid:


Uses pump inlet flush machine or cooler line flush machine

Removes 90-100% of old transmission fluid

Not recommended by some manufacturers

Drain and Refill:

Uses gravity to drain fluid

Removes 40-50% of old transmission fluid

With clean transmission fluid, your car’s transmission will last longer!


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