[Infographic] The Dangers of Rust Explained for Auto Detailers

If you’re currently enrolled in an auto detailing program, one aspect of your job throughout your career will be to remove and treat rust found on the surface of vehicles, in addition to preventing it from occurring. Auto detailing professionals perform services to repair and recondition the exterior and interior of vehicles, restoring them to yield a higher resale value and a renewed appearance. During your career, you may encounter vehicles which show signs of rusting. Rust not only affects a vehicle’s resale value, it can also affect a vehicle’s internal components, especially if it isn’t caught early enough. 

As an auto detailing professional, it’s important to understand that while rust is often viewed as simply a cosmetic problem, the impact that it can have on a vehicle can be detrimental to its appearance as well as its safety. Thus, knowing how to treat and prevent rust will be a crucial skill to build after completing auto detailing courses. In the infographic below, explore what exactly rust is, as well as the many ways that it can be dangerous to a vehicle.

The Dangers of Rust Explained for Auto Detailers

What is Rust?

  • Rust is iron oxide
    • 2 atoms of iron, 3 atoms of oxygen
  • Iron-containing metal is exposed to oxygen and moisture
  • A chemical reaction occurs, leaving rust

Where is Rust Typically Found on Vehicles?

  • Exposed metal
  • Places where water gathers
  • Frame and chassis
  • Wheel hubs and wells
  • Near trailer hitches

Rust Can Cause Structural Problems for a Vehicle

Once a vehicle is exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time…

  • Rust can spread beneath a vehicle’s surface
  • Internal components can be compromised by rust
  • Rust can chew away at the metal and weaken body parts

Rust Can Affect the Engine and Electronics

If water or moisture gets into the engine…

  • Rust can occur inside the engine
  • Rust can cause an engine’s parts to wear excessively
  • Can eventually lead to engine failure

Preventing Rust

During your auto detailing career, you can prevent rust by…

  • Repairing rust before it spreads
  • Using an anti-rust coating
  • Applying polish and wax to the surface

Now that you know about the dangers of rust, be sure to check for and take preventative measures against rust during your auto detailing career!






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