Infographic: Routine Car Maintenance

Buying a new car is a big investment. There’s the financial commitment you make when you sign on the bottom line – but there’s also the responsibility of caring for your vehicle, year after year, so it keeps performing the way it should. Every car, new or used, needs regular check-ups performed by an automotive service technician.

These routine visits usually involve simple procedures like changing the oil, checking the tire pressure, or changing spark plugs. But it’s these little things that add up to a smoother, more reliable ride – and less expense down the road on more serious repairs. Anyone who’s graduated from a mechanic program can tell you, a little prevention goes a long way to protecting your pocketbook and keeping you safe on the road.

Not sure how often to bring your car in for a check-up? Check your owner’s manual, or take a look at our simple infographic for easy-to-follow guidelines.

Routine Car Maintenance

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