[Infographic] The Role of Canada’s Trucking Industry: An Overview

Canada’s economy would grind to a halt if it wasn’t for the hundreds of thousands of trucks that move and ship products every day. Whether it’s transporting a shipment across town or across the country, the Canadian trucking industry ensures products get to where they need to be and on time.

There’s a lot more to Canada’s trucking industry, however, than just trucks and their drivers. With so many truck drivers trying to keep up with deliveries, they need help so that they know where to go and when. That’s where dispatchers come in.

Dispatchers are like the conductors of the trucking industry. They make sure truck drivers know where to go to pick up and deliver shipments, and they work out the best possible routes for those drivers. In dispatch training, you’ll learn the skills that dispatchers use to keep Canada’s trucking industry on the move.

To find out more about the Canadian trucking industry and the role that graduates of dispatch school play in it, check out the following infographic!

The Role of Canada’s Trucking Industry: An Overview

Canada’s Economy Depends on Trucking

  • Canadians rely on the trucking industry to:
    • Keep store shelves fully stocked
    • Ensure online purchases get delivered
    • Get essential resources to manufacturers
    • Deliver construction materials to building sites
    • And much more!
  • The trucking industry ships 90% of all consumer goods in Canada
  • The Canada-US trade relationship is the second largest in the world
    • 60% of it is done through trucking

In 2016, Canada’s truck drivers drove more than 38 billion kilometres in total!

The Canadian Trucking Industry Is Growing

  • In 2016, the Transportation and Warehousing sector grew by 2.8%
    • That was twice as fast as the national average of 1.4%
  • Online shopping is helping fuel growth
    • Over 80% of Canadians have made at least one online purchase.
    • 10% make 2 or more online purchases per month
  • Canadians are expected to spend $39 billion online in 2019
    • That’s up from just $6.6 billion in 2011
    • Trucks will help make sure those online orders get delivered

A Lot of Jobs Depend on Trucking

  • More than 300,000 people work as truck drivers
    • That 1.5% of Canada’s entire active work force
  • But it’s not just drivers whose jobs depend on trucking
  • Hundreds of thousands of jobs are supported by trucking, like:
    • Dispatchers
    • Warehouse employees
    • Fleet managers
    • Sales and customer service reps
    • And many more!

Dispatchers Play an Especially Big Role in the Trucking Industry

  • They tell truck drivers where to go so that shipments are completed on time
  • They help boost efficiency so that more can get done
  • Dispatchers coordinate shipments big and small:
    • Some shipment span the entire continent
    • Others can span a few city blocks

The trucking industry supports 177,600 indirect jobs, including dispatchers







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