[Infographic] Why Pursuing a Trade Is a Great Career Move

Who says you need a university degree to have an amazing career? If you love being on your feet and moving around, or want to work in an industry where you can make a great income without having to get through four years sitting in university classrooms, chances are a trade could be a great option for you.

Trades are jobs focused around a certain practical skill. For example, a number of people interested in working with cars apply to schools like Automotive Training Centres if they want to pursue an auto detailing career, or if they want to become an auto mechanic. While the scope of what a trade is goes far beyond that—including welding, carpentry, tool making, and even hairstyling—we’ll be focusing on the  automotive trades, to give you an idea of the various opportunities available in that field.

Want to know more about trades and why working in one could be great for your career? Check out our infographic below for more info!


Why Pursuing a Trade Is a Great Career Move

Automotive Trades Careers:

  • Auto detailing:

Clean, polish, and vacuum cars to make them look like new again

  • Auto mechanic:

Use your problem solving skills to diagnose and repair car problems

  • Truck dispatching:

Plan routes and communicate with drivers to make sure goods a delivered on time and on budget

  • And more!

Fun fact: Canada’s auto mechanic industry generates around $11 billion in annual revenue.

Benefits of working in a trade:

  • Great compensation
  • Flexibility of hours
  • No need for a bachelor’s degree
  • Solid employment outlook

What makes a trades career so fulfilling?

  • See the results of your hard work
  • Gain practical skills that you can use on your own car at home
  • Pursue your passion
  • You can start your own business

What is necessary to work in an automotive trade?

  • Hands-on training at a vocational institution
  • Registering as an apprentice, and being hired as one
  • Receive a certificate from your province

Did you know? A number of trades will require you to pass the Red Seal exam, which will allow you to work anywhere in Canada upon receiving your Red Seal endorsement.

Facts about working in trades:

  • In the Toronto area specifically, about 16,780 people work as an automotive service technician.
  • About 119,300 people work in this occupation nationwide!
  • Canada’s job bank indicates that there are currently more than 1,000 automotive service technician jobs available across the country, with just over 200 of them located in Ontario.
  • About 80% of all trades in Canada are Red Seal trades.
  • Within four years of receiving certification, those working as an automotive service technician can make a median yearly income of over $60,000.

Did you know? Studying automotive detailing at Automotive Training Centres involves 85% of practical, hands-on experience.

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