[Infographic] A Guide to the World’s Most Reliable Cars

Reliability is at the top of the list for many car buyers. The definition of a reliable vehicle is different from driver to driver. Someone who carts themselves to and from close locations from day to day might prioritize minimal, inexpensive repairs that you’ve learned about in mechanic courses. A driver who enjoys luxury vehicles might expect rapid acceleration from their vehicle, or someone who uses theirs for high-performance towing might list that as their primary concern.

Consumer Reports is a non-profit that performs unbiased product testing to inform consumers about them. To acquire a “top reliability rating” from them, vehicles must pass a multitude of different tests. These tests measure many different aspects of a vehicle, including interior scratching, electronic systems, and safety. The tests are rooted in consumer advocacy and help people make informed purchases.

Many drivers identify their favourite brands as reliable, maybe due to past experiences or features that the vehicles have. But what does testing have to say about the most reliable cars and brands? What are the differences between the cars you might encounter in your auto career? Read on for a short guide to some of the world’s most reliable cars, which excel in safety, function, comfort, and durability.


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