Infographic: Evolution of the Auto Mechanic Career in Quebec

It has been a long road to reach today’s level of highly qualified automotive mechanics, but did you know about Quebec’s role in the development of the auto industry? This infographic gives an interesting look at the evolution of auto careers from a Quebec perspective, from George Foote Foss’ first Canadian gasoline-powered car in 1896 to Canada’s first supercar, the Felino, made in Quebec and debuting this year at the Montreal International Auto Show. Throughout the twentieth century and to the present day, the job of the auto mechanic has become increasingly complex. Whereas in the early days of the automobile, car owners would have to seek out the local plumber or blacksmith for repairs, today’s vehicles often use computerized technology with hybrid engines and electric sensors, requiring specialized auto mechanic training. See how far we’ve come with this new infographic! Evolution of the Auto Mechanic Career in Quebec

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