[Infographic] The Car Salesman’s Guide to Boosting Sales

A career in automotive sales is both exciting and challenging. Every day when you arrive at the dealership you have no idea which customers are going to drive in, what they are looking for, and how the deals will play out. The most successful professionals with automotive sales careers thrive on this uncertainty, and love the taste of a good challenge.

As a car salesperson, your success will likely be measured by sales numbers, and you could even make commission on the many cars you sell. Therefore, boosting sales isn’t just a good challenge, it’s also a key element of career success.

If you’re interested in enrolling in auto sales college and working towards a successful sales career, keep reading for our latest infographic on how to boost sales!

ATC Toronto_Infographic_The Car Salesmans Guide to Boosting Sales

The Car Salesman’s Guide to Boosting Sales


Boosting sales begins before you even talk with customers

Always make sure to:

  • Keep on top of your dealership’s new and used vehicle stock
  • Know current promotions and ads being run by your dealership
  • Research models that compete with the models at your dealership

Make sure you’re always outside walking the lot, so you can get first dibs on new customers.

Once a customer parks on your lot, it’s time to take action…

  1. Welcome your customers to the dealership
  • Once the customers have exited the vehicle, make your approach
  • Greet the customers, introduce yourself, and shake hands

Pro tip: To build trust, maintain eye contact

72% of customers say they aren’t ready to buy during initial greetings, even if they might be.

  1. Begin qualifying your customers
  • Ask open ended questions to learn more about your customer
  • Determine the dynamics of the group and who influences the buying decision

Pro tip: Let your customers do the talking. They may reveal clues about their life that you can use to appeal directly to their needs

71% of customers purchase a vehicle because they trust their salesperson.

  1. Show your customers potential vehicles suited to their preferences
  • Explain how each feature will benefit your customer
    • No: “This model has roomy truck space”
    • Yes: “This model has plenty of trunk space, so you will be able to fit your son’s and his friend’s hockey equipment without a problem”
  • Be receptive of your customer’s feedback

Pro tip: To build trust and good will, always show your customer that their satisfaction is your top priory

78% of customers who come to your dealership will end up buying a vehicle somewhere.

  1. Take a strong contender out for a spin
  • The test drive is one of the most important parts of the sales process
  • Allow the customer to adjust the car to their comfort
  • Offer to connect their phone to the vehicle’s system to show how infotainment features work
  • Don’t speak too much

Pro tip: Before starting the test drive, program the radio to the station your customer had their trade-in vehicle tuned to

50% of customers buy quickly when they feel they received a high-quality demonstration.

  1. Get back to the dealership, and go for the close
  • Ask questions like: “Can you see yourself driving this car to work every day?”
  • Ask if they want discuss the deal in more detail
  • Suggest upgrades that could make the car ideal
  • If the customer isn’t satisfied, show them another model with what they are looking for

Pro tip: Don’t be too pushy at this stage. Being too forceful could turn the customer off

85% of customers have mentally committed to buying a vehicle before even leaving the house.







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