Infographic: Auto Service Advisors: Car-Loving Customer Service Experts

Auto Service Advisors are integral to the successful operation of an auto repair shop. Mechanic colleges provide graduates with the advising skills they need to guide customers through the repair process, effectively manage the repairs schedule, and remain in touch with clients during the entire servicing process. Students looking to launch an auto career as a service advisor should possess excellent communication, time management and problem-solving skills. Most of all, they should love providing quality customer service in an automotive environment!

Check out our infographic to find out more about what an Auto Service Advisor does, and the career outlook for new professionals in the field:


  • Expected Growth
    • As Baby Boomers retire, there is a growing shortage of skilled Auto Service Advisors in Canada
    • Across the country, in 2013-2014, the number of car sales rose from 135,766 to 141,763
    • Ontarians buy the most cars (55,693 cars bought in 2014).
    • The highest demand for Auto Service Advisors is in Ontario – a province with one of the highest population densities (14.1 people per square kilometer) and highest number of total vehicle registrations (over 11 million in 2014)

Role of an Automotive Service Advisor in the Auto Industry

  • Tasks and Responsibilities
    • Explain the necessary repairs to the customer
    • Guide the customer through maintenance scheduling
    • Estimate the cost and time of the repairs
    • Sell services, repairs and parts
    • Salary
      • Auto Service Advisors earn an average of C$35,946 a year, but salary can range from C$26,306 – C$57,191, depending on experience
  • Benefits
    • Learn new innovative auto technologies
    • Work in a team-based environment
    • Help customers make great deals and walk away satisfied
    • Help encourage more business for the auto shop through happy customers
  • Find employment in a range of environments, including
    • New car dealers
    • Pre-owned car dealerships
    • Retail automotive repair facilities
    • Automotive custom and specialty shops
    • Aftermarket stores
    • Heavy duty truck repair facilities
    • Vehicle rental companies


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