Infographic: Auto Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

Introduction: Automotive detailers are the miracle workers who are able to turn a rusty, dirty old car into something showroom-worthy that will turn heads when it drives by. They can restore cars to their full potential by polishing, cleaning and waxing the interiors and exteriors of vehicles with various methods and tools. Using a professional automotive detailing service can help drivers to feel proud of the vehicles they drive once again, and auto detailers may also be able to add resale value to vehicles by giving them a makeover. 

While giving a car a deep clean might sound relatively straightforward at first, those considering an auto detailing career should be aware of common mistakes made when detailing a vehicle. Making a mistake while waxing or cleaning a car could result in further damage instead of a fresh look, and it’s often hard to fix auto detailing mistakes once they occur. It’s important for auto detailers to always use the right tools and cleaning agents in order to ensure that a vehicle is correctly detailed. Check out the infographic below for some common auto detailing mistakes to be aware of and avoid.

Auto Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

Using an Incorrect Cleaning Agent

  • Don’t Use Dishwashing Soap! It can:
    • Erode a car’s safeguarding wax
    • Cause damage to sealant
    • Expose the vehicle to water, UV rays and weather damage
  • Use a Clay Bar Sparingly
    • They’re good for getting dirt and particles off of paint, BUT
    • Clay bars can cause micro paint scratches
    • Don’t use them more than 3-4 times a year

Always make sure that the cleaning agent you use is compatible with the material you’re working with.

Using the Wrong Wax Application

  • Only apply wax to clean surfaces
  • Applying wax over dirt can trap in the grime
  • Pay Attention to What Wax You Use
    • Use the applicator recommended for the kind of wax you’re using
    • Use a sponge and foam applicator for dry wax
    • Use an applicator pad for liquid wax
    • Never apply liquid wax directly, it can cause streaking and dark spots

Did you know? Car wax is usually made from a combination of beeswax, natural oils and petroleum distillates.

Washing a Car In the Sunshine

  • It might be counterintuitive, but sunlight can:
    • Conduct too much heat on the vehicle’s surface
    • Cause soap and water to dry faster
    • Lead to water spots
    • Water spots can become hard-to-remove stains

Don’t trust everything you see on TV! Those outdoor car washes might do more harm than good.

Cleaning with a Rag instead of a Microfiber Cloth

  • Rags are typically too smooth to clean up dirt
  • Rags aren’t absorbent enough to absorb water
  • Microfiber cloths are more absorbent
  • Microfiber cloths can clean a car without leaving a trace

Did you know? Microfiber cleans better than cotton on pretty much all surfaces!

Washing a Car in the Wrong Order

  • Instead of cleaning a car top to bottom:
    • Start with a vehicle’s wheels
    • The wheels are usually the dirtiest part of a vehicle
    • Clean them first to avoid having to clean the body of the car again

If you avoid these mistakes, the car you’re detailing is sure to look brand new!

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