[Infographic] What Does an Auto Detailer Do?

Do you know the difference between a simple car wash and the work an auto detailer does? Many people assume auto detailers just clean vehicles, but they do so much more than that. Professional automotive detailing is an intricate process that requires professionalism, training, and a keen eye for detail!

If you’re considering enrolling in detailing training, you’ll soon learn there’s plenty for auto detailers to know. Detailers have the fine-tuned skills needed to take a dirty, rundown car and turn it into a vehicle that looks practically new. Detailers can work in auto shops, dealerships, or can even work detailing cars for auto shows! While auto detailers aren’t miracle workers, they come pretty close. Customers across the country rely on the savvy work of auto detailers to get their cars looking in tip-top shape.

Before auto detailing training, discover more about what auto detailers do in the infographic below!

ATC Toronto_Infographic_What Does An Auto Detailer Do

What Does an Auto Detailer Do?

What is detailing?

The process of thoroughly cleaning and restoring a vehicle’s interior and exterior

Where do detailers work?

  • Used car dealerships
  • Auto detailing shops
  • Mobile businesses
  • Auto repair shops
  • Dealerships
  • Car washes

The detailing process

Consultation with the client

Some detailers may interact directly with clients

  • Consult with the client about the services they want
  • Inspect the vehicle’s condition
  • Suggest detailing services
  • Provide an estimate based on the condition of the vehicle

Exterior Detailing

Professional automotive detailers will:

  • Meticulously wash and dry the exterior of the vehicle
  • Repair any minor scratches
  • Use a clay bar to remove contaminants, known as “claying”
  • Polish the exterior with a rotary buffing machine

Pro tip: Too much buffing can cause swirl marks, so it’s important to take extra caution during this step

  • Apply vehicle wax
  • Clean, polish, and treat the wheels and rims
  • Clean the windows

Fun fact: Auto detailing can greatly increase a vehicle’s resale value

Interior Detailing

Automotive detailers will:

  • Loosen any dust stuck in cracks with an air blower
  • Vacuum all surfaces
  • Use a brush and cleaner to remove scuff marks
  • Clean all interior surfaces like the dashboard, wheel, and center console
  • Apply appropriate protectants and conditioners to vinyl, leather, and plastic surfaces
  • Clean the vehicle’s carpets using hot water extraction carpet cleaning equipment
  • Clean the interior windows, rear view window, and windshield

Engine Detailing

Professional automotive detailers will:

  • Cover electric parts as well as the alternator, filters, and air intake
  • Spray the engine with water
  • Apply a degreasing cleanser to loosen grime
  • Rinse off the cleanser and dirt
  • Use a microfiber wash mitt to clean hard-to-reach spots

Working with Clients

Automotive detailers will:

  • Call the owner when the vehicle is finished
  • Might deliver the vehicle to the owner’s home or work
  • Ensure the customer’s satisfaction
  • Process the transaction

Auto detailers do all this and more!









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