[Infographic] A Guide to Essential Auto Body Repair Tools

If you want to become an auto body repair technician, you’ll benefit from having a few essential tools on hand to make your job easier. Auto body repair technicians perform many functions within an automotive repair shop. As such, an auto body repair technician might handle any number of repairs, including fixing dents, fixing auto body panels, and more in order to return a vehicle to its original condition. 

If you’re considering getting started in auto body technician training, you’ll want to be prepared to get to work after graduation. This means possessing the tools necessary to do the job. While the repairs auto body technicians perform are varied, there are a few tools that are always good to have on hand. Check out the infographic below to see what tools you’ll need!

A Guide to Essential Auto Body Repair Tools

Air Compressor

This machine powers a variety of air tools. Auto body repair technicians will need it to:

  • Operate any air tool
  • Paint vehicles easily and neatly
  • Power sanders

Sanding Blocks

These are cheap, all-purpose sanding tools that can be used to:

  • Mold body filler
  • Buff a variety of surfaces
  • Cut high spots and identify low spots

Auto Body Hammer and Dolly Sets

These sets are used to configure auto body panels, restoring them to their original shape by:

  • Flattening metal panels
  • Designing curves
  • Shrinking metal
  • Eliminating dents

Pro Tip: Having a variety of hammer and dolly sets is helpful, as each size has a specific purpose.

Suction Cup Dent Pullers

These handy tools offer a fast solution for dent repair, and can take dents out of:

  • Metal panels
  • Automotive hoods
  • Fenders and bumpers
  • Car doors

Dual Action Sanders

These tools are among the most important for auto body technicians to have, because:

  • They’re versatile power tools with a range of functions
  • They’re a cross between a disk sander and a belt sander
  • They speed up polishing and sanding processes
  • They make any finish look more professional

Stud Welder and Slide Hammer

Auto body repair technicians will spend a lot of time repairing dents, many of which can’t be fixed without these!

  • Stud welders can be used to create studs on a dented panel
  • A slide hammer attaches to the stud
  • Pulling the slide hammer will remove the dent
  • Dent removal is often easiest using both of these tools

These tools will surely be enough to get you started in any auto body repair job. Good luck!







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