Why Including Your Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training on Your CV Sets You Up for Success

When it comes to the job search process in the mechanic industry, it can be hard to leverage your specific skills and experience to overshadow the other applicants. Everything you can do to boost the appeal of your CV will help you stand out when it comes to the application, interview, and job acquisition process. 

Adding in your training in hybrid and electric vehicles will mean more to prospective employers than you may expect. Not only does it demonstrate your experience with another realm of the automotive industry, but it also shows your dedication to continued education. This will undoubtedly appeal to prospective employers, who are always keen to see that a professional is willing to work hard and update their skills as time goes on. Continue reading to learn just how important it is to get this training listed on your CV!

The Automotive Future is Electric

A study that was published in the Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering explored the global insights and future trends for hybrid and electric vehicles. The research concluded that with each passing year, progress is made with regards to energy conversion effectiveness, driveline consistency, cooling system designs, and other important factors to the maintenance and progress of these vehicles. Without a doubt, the automotive future is electric.

In the hybrid and electrical mechanic course at ATC, you can expect to learn all about these subsystems and designs, as well as safety issues, general maintenance, and how to service these vehicles. Because this is such an important role in the future of mechanics, it is important that students maintain their training, skills, and knowledge to reflect updates in technology and the modern world. 

Our hybrid and electrical mechanic course can give students insight into the current market

Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training Will Showcase Your Versatility 

Completing hybrid and electric mechanic training allows you to expand on the skills you already have, making you an even better asset to any team. When you add this to your CV,  employers will recognize the versatility that it gives you on the job. Virtually every brand is coming out with their own version of a hybrid or electric vehicle. In 2021, brands including Kia, VW, Ford, Chevrolet, and even Rolls Royce manufacturers were either developing or improving their electric models. 

Because so many companies are expanding their models to include these technology upgrades, mechanics will have a huge leg up over their colleagues if they have specified training in this field. During your course at ATC, you will learn many techniques for repairing even the high voltage components in the after market. With upgraded skills, you’ll be able to use your skills in new automotive markets.

You can add new skill sets to your CV when you learn to work with hybrid and electric vehicles

Avoid Common Misconceptions About Hybrid Vehicles

There are many common misconceptions about hybrid vehicles due to their innovation and the lack of experience of both mechanics and consumers with these new technologies. Once you pursue your training on hybrids at ATC, you will be able to unveil the truth behind these vehicles for yourself and also for any future customers you may have, giving them reliable information and guidance.

Bringing clarity to the realities of hybrid and electric vehicles will only add to your value as a mechanic. Adding your experience and training with these vehicles to your CV can enhance your ability to more effectively serve a wide range of clientele, helping your employer as well as your customers. Continuing education is always important, and the relevance of the hybrid and electric vehicle training to the current market and expected trends is what makes it extra admirable.

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