In Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training? Factors Behind an Increase in EVs in 2022

If you’ve been considering entering the hybrid and electric vehicle industry, now could be the time to make your move. The future of electric vehicle sales is looking more promising than ever, with manufacturers like Volkswagen, Ford, and Tesla all reporting impressive rates of growth. What’s more, the rise in fuel prices as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an increase in inflation, a wider variety of models to choose from, and more, have contributed to a greater number of vehicle owners going electric.

After completing your training at ATC Surrey, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to service and repair electric vehicles, while also possessing a strong understanding of the current market. As you’ll likely see many more electric vehicles on the roads in 2022, discover a few key factors driving market growth here.

Fuel Prices are Encouraging Many to Go Electric

If you’ve paid attention to the news at all recently, you’re probably already aware of the rise in gas prices which occurred after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In Canada and the United States, prices skyrocketed at the meter, leading some provinces like Ontario to temporarily lift their fuel tax. Coupled with inflation, many vehicle owners are currently struggling to afford their daily commutes, leading them to more seriously contemplate switching to an electric vehicle. As a future hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, you’re likely to see more drivers opt for EVs as a result of the high cost of gas, influencing the surge in EV ownership in 2022.

The rising price of gas has vehicle owners rethinking their decisions

Government EV Incentives and Tax Rebates are Increasing

While many governments have long been supportive of higher rates of EV ownership, in recent years, incentives to purchase these vehicles have increased. The Government of Canada is offering point-of-sale incentives of anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 for the purchase or lease of an EV, while British Columbia’s Go Electric program provides rebates from $1,500 to $3,000. In the United States, a federal tax credit of $7,500 USD is helping American buyers make a greener decision. With no signs of stopping, we’re likely to see these incentives and rebates encouraging buyers to go electric through 2022 and beyond.

As a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic, You’ll Notice the Electric Grid is Growing

Investment in the North American electric grid has become an increasing priority for both the United States and Canada, as the threat of climate change becomes more pressing and activists and manufacturers alike push for greater accessibility of charging stations. Canada has recently laid out initiatives to invest in electric grid modernization, such as with the Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways Program. As for the United States, a recent infrastructure bill passed by Congress would allocate $7.5 billion to create 500,000 new charging stations. In the face of these initiatives, we’re likely to see more drivers purchase electric vehicles, without being limited by available charging stations.

After hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you’ll see that efforts to improve the electric grid are growing

Manufacturers Are Turning Well-Loved Models into EVs

After hybrid and electrical mechanic training, another factor that you’re likely to see influence the EV market’s growth this year will be the increase in variety of electric vehicle models. While drivers may have been hesitant to purchase an EV due to the lack of options, the release of vehicles like the all-electric F-150, Canada’s most popular vehicle, is enticing more buyers than ever. Drivers are able to find the cars they love in electric form, encouraging them to make the switch for good.

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