Want an In-Demand Career? BC Needs More Professionals With Automotive Trades Training!

There Is Serious Need for Professionals with Automotive Trades Training All Over BC

Companies across British Columbia are crying out for trained professionals in the automotive service field. In fact, the lack of skilled mechanics has resulted in symptoms ranging from cancelled bus journeys on Vancouver’s commuter lines to desperate appeals from several companies. It’s a worker’s job market, with increasing wages, benefits, and overtime being offered to tempt more skilled workers into the field.

Here’s how the working environment looks for students who want to move into this promising sector.

A Look at Automotive Service Technician Careers

BC has been dealing with a shortage of workers in this sector for the best part of a decade. And while many trades are in demand, one top position that companies are concerned with filling is the role of automotive service technician, also often referred to as a car mechanic. Their responsibilities include inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing vehicles. It’s rewarding, hands-on work that takes an eye for detail and a good grasp of technical and mechanical problems.

Automotive service technicians are essential to BC’s economy
Automotive service technicians are essential to BC’s economy

Typically, trainee mechanics in BC work towards an Auto Mechanic Certification (apprenticeship) before becoming a fully qualified journeyman, but employment opportunities open up for the trainee at the apprenticeship level. For students looking to begin their journey towards this career path, essential pre-apprenticeship training is carried out at designated mechanic schools in BC, including Automotive Training Centres (ATC).

There Is Serious Need for Professionals with Automotive Trades Training All Over BC

BC has experienced healthy economic stats and low unemployment figures for several years, fueling demand for qualified mechanics. Competition between companies and towns for mechanics has increased, with the labour market outlook pointing to thousands of job openings popping up all over the province during the next decade. Young workers are now being attracted to work outside Vancouver, due to high wages and much more affordable housing, meaning that the vacuum of workers is being felt in both urban and rural communities.

This means that even workers at the apprenticeship level can expect strong interest once initial automotive trades training has been completed, with the option of pursuing real opportunities in any region of their choice across BC. Whether you’re interested in city living or making your career in a smaller community, your skills as a trained mechanic will be in demand.

Mechanic Schools in BC Expect Employer Demand for Years to Come

When it comes to choosing a trade, it makes sense to investigate current trends and industry projections for that sector. The immediate future for workers with automotive trades training in British Columbia is a bright one, with 23.7 per cent of new job openings around the province set to consist of totally new roles created by increased demand alone.

Given that many mechanics are also preparing for retirement in the coming years, demand for new mechanics is set to remain high for years to come. With so many companies having trouble filling existing vacancies, the coming years seem set to produce even more openings for mechanics who have just completed their training.

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