In Automotive School? What You’ll Love About Honda and Sony’s New EV Brand Afeela

The rise of electric vehicles, coupled with several automotive technology innovations, has set the stage for new brands to emerge. In January, an interesting concept car was revealed at CES Las Vegas. Though the sleek sedan didn’t look too unusual compared to other EVs on the market, its release provides exciting insight into the future of electric vehicles and the automotive industry as a whole. Keep reading to learn about Afeela, a new EV brand created by Honda and Sony. Discover its brand objectives and how Afeela might affect the autonomous driving and car connectivity landscapes.

Honda and Sony – An Unlikely Pair?

While Honda has made a name for itself as an automotive giant, when most of us think of Sony, music, video games, and movies come to mind. Though Honda and Sony may seem like an unlikely pair, their collaboration speaks to the growing demand for connectivity and robust infotainment systems in modern vehicles. Technology and recreation are becoming increasingly pervasive parts of everyday life, which is why it comes as no surprise that Afeela’s first prototype featured several infotainment screens, including a large panoramic one stretching along the front of the vehicle’s interior where a dashboard would be and two smaller ones on the back of each front seat. The concept vehicle also features an immersive Sony sound system, several customization options, a yoke-styled steering wheel, and a sensor system for opening doors.

You’ll learn more about technology and recreation during automotive school.

In response to the release, some safety concerns about the prototype’s many screens have come up due to the possibility of distracted driving. CEO of Sony and Honda Mobility, Yasuhide Mizuno reassures the public: “As safety and security are essential to mobility, we will integrate Sony’s sensors and Honda safety along with other intelligent technologies.” Though it’s unclear what features will make it to production, it’s evident that the focus of Honda and Sony’s new venture is recreation and connectivity – a set of priorities that will continue to grow in popularity after you’ve graduated from automotive school.

Afeela’s Three Objectives

Afeela has described its objectives in three simple words. Autonomy, augmentation, and affinity. Sensors and intelligent technologies will be used to create a safe foundation for autonomous mobility. The hope is that advanced safety technology will allow drivers to comfortably enjoy an augmented driving experience centred on entertainment. Affinity refers to Afeela’s openness to collaboration with global partners, customers, and creative professionals. As stated on its website, Afeela’s first prototype is just the beginning, and it aims to evolve with the needs of its customers and the latest cutting-edge technology. Level 3 autonomous driving is just one objective Afeela is pursuing in the near future.

Students in automotive school can look forward to a variety of new advancements.

The Significance for Students in Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

For those considering hybrid and electrical mechanic training, the introduction of a prototype like Afeela’s is an exciting preview of technological advancements to come. Certainly, a variety of career opportunities await those who prepare for emerging hybrid technologies and other changing automotive industry trends. Discover the evolution of electric vehicles, safety implications, what the future holds for the industry, and more in our introductory hybrid technology course. It will certainly be interesting to see more new EV brands emerge in the coming years and observe their impact on how we interact with our vehicles. 

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