In Automotive School? Everything You Should Know About Parkland’s EV Charging Network

Canada has been on the road to a net-zero future, but a lack of adequate charging infrastructure for electric vehicles has slowed down progress considerably. This, it has been explained, is the main reason why drivers in the Canadian public transportation and logistics industry have been most reluctant to adopt the uptake of electric vehicles.

In light of this, Parkland has announced that plans to build EV chargers at 50 On the Run convenience stores throughout British Columbia and Alberta are in the pipeline. The Parkland EV charging network will almost triple the number of ultra-fast EV charging stations currently available in Metro Vancouver.

How will Parkland’s announcements and plans affect the Canadian transportation industry as a whole and you in automotive school in particular? Read on to find out.

Parkland’s EV Charging Network

Parkland, located in Calgary, Alberta, is the largest independent petroleum retailer and second-largest c-store operator in Canada, with 1,860 outlets in its network. To facilitate the development of its EV charging network, Parkland received close to $7 million in government subsidies. The official sustainability arm of the Canadian government, Natural Resources Canada, funded a $5 million grant through its Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program, while the government of British Columbia contributed more than $1.8 million.

The charging stations will be distributed strategically to allow drivers and mechanics easier access.

Since British Columbia leads the country and continent in EV uptake, the region is the apparent location for Parkland’s ultra-fast charging network. The issue of inaccessible charging locations is one of the problems discouraging EV uptake across the country, as you’ll learn in automotive school. Parkland takes a major step forward in easing these concerns by situating its charging stations in places where Canadians typically live, work, and play. 

Each location will have two to four charging connections, each capable of producing up to 200 kilowatts and charging the majority of EV models in 20 to 30 minutes. Customers can use Parkland’s Journie mobile app to identify charging sites, and each station will have staff members on duty.

Greater Efficiency and Convenience for EV Drivers

Parkland’s EV charging network is poised to deliver increased convenience and efficiency for drivers of electric vehicles in Canada. With Parkland’s On the Run ultra-fast chargers set to be located at strategic intervals on major highways and other destinations, truck drivers on long-distance delivery runs, for instance, can operate with reduced range anxiety. In addition, since Parkland’s chargers can deliver a full charge in about 30 minutes, about the time it takes for a lunch break, truck drivers can look forward to fewer disruptions.

As a result of Parkland’s initiatives, you’ll likely see an increase in EV drivers after automotive school.

While they wait for their vehicles to charge, drivers can also take advantage of fully staffed On the Run convenience stores and restaurants at all Parkland EV charging stations.

Implications for EV Mechanics After Automotive School

Qualified EV mechanics and budding mechanics currently undergoing hybrid and electrical mechanic training do not need to look too far to see the benefits of Parkland’s EV charging network. Parkland’s initiative furthers the Canadian government’s drive towards a net-zero future. More immediately, the plan is designed to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by both private and public drivers in the country. If the goals of both plans are fully realized, and electric vehicles attain 100% adoption, it would mean that your skills as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic would always be in demand. In a nutshell, Parkland’s EV charging network and other initiatives may open up an avenue for regular and lucrative income flow both now and in the future. 

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