What Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training Students Should Know About Walmart’s EV Charging Network

Are you interested in specializing in hybrid and electric vehicles? If so, recent developments in the business world may be exciting for you. Large corporations have invested in electric vehicle infrastructure, supporting long-term clean energy solutions for a more environmentally friendly future.

For example, Amazon revealed a plan to electrify their fleet of delivery vehicles, and recently, retail giant Walmart has announced a plan to implement an electric vehicle charging network. Keep reading to learn the details of Walmart’s plan, what it means for the accessibility of electric vehicles, and what widespread electrification looks like for you if you’re striving towards a career in hybrid technology. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, you’ll see how much the automotive industry will need your expertise. 

What’s the Plan?

In April of this year, Walmart announced it would start constructing its EV fast-charging stations at thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club locations across the United States. According to Electric Autonomy Canada, Walmart is also exploring its options for implementing a similar plan in Canada.

In terms of the scope of this plan, Walmart intends to complete its charging network by 2030, having already completed 1,300 charging stations at 280 locations. This move will be a game changer for EV drivers all over North America, still underserved by an infrastructure designed to accommodate combustion engine vehicles.

A mechanic who completed hybrid and electrical mechanic training examines a charging station
Walmart’s charging station plans may boost career opportunities for auto mechanic school students.

Walmart’s Charging Network Could Increase Accessibility 

Since electrification began in the transportation industry, accessibility has been a concern. Those pursuing hybrid and electrical mechanic training find that cost remains a significant barrier between hybrid and electric vehicles and many consumers. Though maintenance costs are lower for hybrid and electric vehicles, the cost of an initial EV purchase still keeps many drivers cautious about making the switch.

A woman pays a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic
Walmart’s charging network could increase accessibility and increase job opportunities for hybrid and electrical mechanic training.

For those willing to invest, more access to charging infrastructure is needed. Many worry they will run out of power due to a lack of public charging stations and need to spend money to tow their vehicles. 

Canada has about 20,000 public charging stations, which is noteworthy but still needs improvement as demand increases. A Walmart location can be found in nearly any North American neighbourhood. In the United States, 70% of the target fast-charging sites are located in low to moderate-income areas to increase accessibility for those who might otherwise be reluctant to go electric. If a similar approach is taken in Canada, this could be significant for automotive professionals seeking to specialize in hybrid technology.

What This Means for Those in Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

As a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, large corporations supporting electrification will continue to boost demand for your sought-after skills. As more drivers gain access to EVs, technicians will be needed to meet the specific maintenance and repair needs of zero-emission vehicles. 

In addition, the need for charging station installation, maintenance, and repair will continue. Our hybrid technology program will prepare you to enter this exploding industry and seize many lucrative career opportunities. Learn how electric vehicles function, how to work on them safely, and all about electric energy systems.

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