In Auto Mechanic School? Check Out the First Electric SUV from Lotus!

The Chinese-owned brand, Lotus, has developed a reputation for producing lightweight performance vehicles. However, the announcement of their first electric SUV signifies a sharp turn. The Eletre, previously known as Type 132, has been introduced as an all-new and all-electric hyper SUV—a revolutionary vehicle that represents sustainable mobility for a worldwide audience. 

Students completing their hybrid and electrical mechanic program may be curious to know what makes the Eletre a standout vehicle. According to Matt Windle, Managing Director at Lotus Cars, it marks “a momentous point in [the brand’s] history.” That’s because this SUV manifests many firsts for the company, including becoming the first five-door production car, the first lifestyle EV, and the most connected Lotus ever. Read on to discover what the Eletre promises to deliver during its anticipated US release in 2024!

Standout Design for Students in Auto Mechanic School to Explore

Sticking to the brand’s iconic design language, the Eletre prioritizes a keen sense of flow and kinetic quality, making it look closer to a sports car than a traditional SUV. This was done with the idea of embodying emotion, intelligence, and prestige. The aerodynamic concept of porosity is prominent in this design, improving the vehicle’s range, speed, and performance for a more efficient driving experience. 

In addition to being visually lightweight, the Eletre uses ultra-premium materials. This includes durable man-made microfibers, an advanced wool-blend fabric for the seats, as well as recycled and reconstructed carbon fibre for the car’s polished finish. 

Sustainability and practicality have been key influencing factors in the car’s overall design, which has been tailored for both a four-seat and a five-seat layout. As a result, the Eletre features a spacious cabin with a thoughtfully designed interior. A storage tray with wireless charging capabilities and various-sized cup holders can be pushed back against the surface to provide additional space.

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The Eletre’s unique design contributes to its impressive performance, making this hyper-SUV an interesting car for those in auto mechanic school

A Dedicated Electric Vehicle Architecture that Delivers a Powerful Performance

Students taking a hybrid and electrical mechanic course may be keen to know that the Eletre is built on new 800v electric vehicle architecture, which features aluminum and high tensile steel for structural rigidity and an integrated high-voltage power distribution system. The car boasts a power output that starts at 600hp, as well as a 350kW charge time of just 20 minutes for 400km. In fact, the Eletre has even earned the title of a 2-second car, reaching 0 -100km/h in under three seconds.

The Eletre comes in different drive modes: Range, Tour, Sport, Off-Road, and Individual. By including a flat battery pack with high energy density, the Eletre can also offer an optimal balance of performance and driving range. Interestingly, this battery pack, along with two electric motors, is placed close to the ground to create a low centre of gravity. This contributes to the car’s high-class dynamic performance.

Check out the video below for an introduction to the Lotus Eletre in action:

Cutting-Edge Technology for a Future-Proofed Experience 

With its technological innovations, the Eletre promises students in their hybrid and electrical mechanic training an advanced infotainment system with a UI/UX that embraces three key Lotus attributes: simplicity, intelligence, and immersion. Following this guide, the Eletre includes an on-screen 3D view of the car and its surroundings, integrating user experiences from gaming and mobile technology. 

Notably, the Eletre relies on cutting-edge technology to provide an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). The Eletre also uses a LIDAR system, which enables it to support autonomous driving technology. Both of these systems are set to be future-proofed, accepting Over The Air (OTA) updates. With so much to offer, the Eletra is poised to become a standout hyper SUV when it hits the market.

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