In Auto Body Training? 3 Interview Tips to Remember During Your Job Search

After you’ve developed all the knowledge and skills you need to become a great auto body technician, it’s time to start your job search. The interviewing process can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also exciting–you never know what interview will lead to your first job in the field! By preparing for your interviews correctly, you’ll be able to manage your nerves, put your best foot forward, and eventually, land your dream job in auto body repair. Remember these three helpful tips at your first interview. 

1. Highlight a Specific Auto Body Repair You’ve Done to Show Your Experience

During most job interviews, recruiters aim to get a clear picture of the candidate’s true level of expertise. They might ask you questions like “what are your strengths?” or “what kind of experience do you have?” This is a great time to mention your training, particularly if you received hands-on instruction in an auto body technician program. 

Be specific about your skills in your interviews after auto-body training.

When you’re asked a question about your skills, try to include an example of a specific auto body repair that you’re particularly proud of to demonstrate your skills in actions. It’s best to determine what example you’d like to highlight before your interview so as to be well-prepared and strategic about the abilities you want to put on display. During your job search after auto body training, be sure to do your research on the shop that you’re interviewing with in order to determine what skills are most valued and, therefore, what work experiences you should share. 

2. Take Initiative and Ask for a Tour of the Shop 

Recruiters want to see their candidates show enthusiasm for the role they are pursuing and take initiative. Try asking for a tour of the facility where you’re interviewing. The worst answer you’ll get is no, but if the recruiter agrees, you’ll get the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the kind of workplace you can expect if your interview is successful. If there are technicians around, you might be able to ask them some brief questions about their daily schedules and what tasks they tend to perform most.

Ask for a tour of the shop and to meet the team during interviews after automotive training.

3. Demonstrate Curiosity During Interviews 

One important point to remember during your auto body repair job search is that as much as you are being interviewed for a position, you are interviewing the company in a way too. It’s an opportunity to determine whether a company fits your lifestyle and personality. In addition, you’ll be able to determine whether you’re being offered fair compensation and if the work environment will support the growth of your career. 

After you’ve been asked a series of questions about your experience, there will likely be a period of the interview where you’ll have the opportunity to show your curiosity about the company. Some important questions you can ask include “what does the future hold for this shop?” and  “what training programs are in place? In addition, don’t be afraid to ask about salary if it isn’t mentioned during the interview. 

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