Improving Memory Retention while Training at Mechanic Schools

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There’s a moment that comes during a test that most people are familiar with: you’ve come across a question and suddenly your mind blanks. You can’t remember anything, and you scramble to think back and find something you can use, hoping it will be the right answer. When it comes to coursework and exams, here are some useful tips and tricks you can use to help remember what you’ve learned at mechanic school.

Using Mnemonic Devices

No, it’s not just some weird misspelling of ‘pneumatic’. A mnemonic device is a tool to remember certain information by associating it with something. For instance, the way we remember the planets, MVEMJSUN, (sorry Pluto) can be remembered with the acronym “My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Nachos”. Another example could be “Lots of Work makes me MAD,” which can help you remember that “Work= Mass x Acceleration x Distance”.

Using an acronym or phrase can help you remember information
Using an acronym or phrase can help you remember information

You can use anything to create a mnemonic device, from imagery, humor, a rhyme, songs, even jokes. By linking what you’re learning to something you are more familiar with, you can remember the information more easily.

Be Sure to Practice the Lessons from Your Mechanic Schools

One of the most basic ways to learn something is through repetition. The more often you encounter information, the more familiar it becomes, and the easier it is to remember. Think, for instance, of your commute to work, or your home. You know both of these things very well, because you are around them every day.

The same thing can be applied to studying for an auto technician exam. Whatever method you use, whether it’s making repairs to your car, using flashcards, taking practice tests, or having a friend quiz you, the more consistent you are with learning the information, the better you will be at remembering it.

Draw What You’ve Learned as an Auto Technician

You don’t have to be Picasso to use drawing to help you memorize your coursework. Some people learn best by using visualization, where they can imagine and experiment with an idea in their minds before making it into something physical. Sometimes, the best way to bridge the gap between your brain and a blank sheet of paper is to express what you’re imagining by drawing.

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Draw a graph or label a diagram with the information you want to remember, make a doodle, circle and connect ideas you want to associate to each other. You can even use something known as a mindmap, which is a visual way of connecting information. Drawing can help you visualize information that may be hard to describe in another way, like writing or speaking. It can be especially useful for students enrolled in mechanic schools, because it will help with the memorization of repairs and designs, which are very visual to begin with.

Talk to Yourself

No, really. It may sound crazy, but speaking out loud can help improve your ability to recall information. Going over information verbally can keep your mind active and make connections between topics you might not otherwise think about. It’s a helpful (although a little weird) tip you can use to keep lessons fresh in your mind.

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