Those With Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Training Should Look Out for These New Electric Vehicles in 2021

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Training

With electric vehicles (EVs) gaining popularity, we’re seeing newer and better models being released all the time. Improvements most of the top manufacturers have been working on include the development of power sources that can offer the driver much more driving distance on a charge, shorter charge times, and more satisfying synthetic engine sounds. Those changes and many more improvements are still in the works, but the latest EVs still offer some pretty good stuff compared with previous models. 

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at a few of the most interesting electric vehicles coming in the new year.

Tesla Model S

If you’re taking hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you’re bound to have an appreciation for Tesla’s amazing line of EVs. After all, this manufacturer was one of the first to truly launch the niche into the automotive world limelight, continuing to impress as a leader in developing EV technology. The Tesla Model S, coming in 2021, is a prime example, boasting a range claim exceeding 643 km. The Model S Plaid represents the fastest version of the car, providing drivers with a super-impressive 1080 horsepower. With this awesome release, Tesla’s looking to give the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Lucid Air a run for their money. 

Porsche Taycan Turbo S

If you’re looking to become a hybrid and electrical vehicle mechanic, you might like a closer look at that Taycan Turbo S that Tesla’s looking to compete with. The 2021 EV release of the model from Porsche is certainly not for every budget, with an approximate $133,500 CDN price tag for the 4S base model that inflates all the way up to more than $236,000 CDN for the top Turbo S. That rates the Taycan as possibly the most expensive EV on the market. For Porcshe fans with the budget, it’s most likely worth the splurge, with many reviewers rating the release as the best electric vehicle they’ve tested for all-around handling and performance. 

Check out the Taycan’s electric sport sound here:

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Moving on from one of the most expensive electric vehicles on the market to one of the most affordable cars in the niche, we have the budget-friendly Hyundai Ioniq EV to look forward to in 2021. Its styling and range capacity are nowhere near the most alluring in the niche, but with a price-tag starting at around $43,000 CDN, the Ioniq offers the EV-curious buyer the opportunity to try the technology out at a price comparable to a gasoline-powered alternative. Buyers wary of the lack of range capability, which sits at about 274 km, can always go for the hybrid or plug-in hybrid options.

One Last Model Profiled for Those Taking Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

Considered BMW’s flagship model, the BMW iX is a full-sized luxury 4×4 fans can look forward to seeing in showrooms in the latter part of 2021. Boasting a power source that unleashes a tidy 500 horses, and a range of 600 km on a single charge, buyers with the budget are bound to be attracted by the prestige badge and the muscle of the SUV frame!

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