Becoming a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic? Why Regular Servicing is Important for Hybrids

Hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, both with drivers and car enthusiasts. Many drivers of internal combustion engine vehicles have become more environmentally conscious over time, and are looking to reduce the emissions output they’re responsible for. Additionally, hybrids are considered more cost-effective, sustainable and efficient. 

With the prevalence of hybrids on the rise, if you’re aspiring to work as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic in the future, knowing how to properly service these vehicles will be important. When it comes to working with hybrids, regular servicing is key to ensuring their longevity. While servicing hybrids is similar to working with traditional gas-powered vehicles, there are a few key differences when it comes to the battery, engine, and motor. 

At ATC Surrey, you’ll receive hands-on training in our Hybrid Technology Training program, which will prepare you to service hybrids, perform general maintenance, and much more. Discover why regular servicing is important for hybrids.

Check for Spark Plugs When You Become a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic

Thanks to the way hybrid vehicles operate, spark plugs are often more vulnerable to wear and tear in hybrids than they are in internal combustion engine vehicles. When a hybrid’s electric engine is constantly turned on and off, the spark plugs and throttle bodies are used more frequently. For this reason, regularly servicing spark plugs in hybrids is important in order to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Issues with spark plugs can lead to problems with the air fuel mixture inside the cylinder, causing misfires when starting the hybrid engine. After completing your hands-on training from ATC Surrey and becoming a qualified hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, it will be important to remind your customers to come in regularly for a spark plug check-up. 

As a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, regularly servicing spark plugs in hybrids ensures the engine starts smoothly

Regularly Servicing a Hybrid Battery is Crucial

In addition to using fuel, a hybrid vehicle also counts on electricity to keep running. Thus, regularly checking and servicing a hybrid’s battery is crucial. After you complete your hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you’ll be prepared to service electric motors, battery packs, and regularly monitor a hybrid’s battery charge. Both varying temperatures and reckless driving can affect a hybrid battery’s longevity, and when servicing a hybrid battery, checking for signs of damage will be important in order to ensure its optimal performance. When servicing the battery as a mechanic, you can also advise customers to prevent unnecessary strain on the battery by taking time to warm up their vehicle before driving. 

Regularly Check and Service a Hybrid Vehicles Tires

Just like any other vehicle, the tires on a hybrid vehicle will experience wear and tear, eventually requiring a replacement. When servicing the tires on a hybrid vehicle, check to make sure that no bulging or cracking is present on the tires, as this can affect their ability to withstand road impact. If the tires need replacing, ensure that the new tires meet the standards for hybrid vehicles. Hybrids often use low rolling resistance tires in order to maximize fuel efficiency, making it important to verify the type of tires used in the replacement process. 

Checking the condition of hybrid vehicle tires maximizes fuel efficiency

Additionally, the level of tire inflation can affect a hybrid vehicle’s fuel efficiency. If the inflation is not set to the requirements specified by the manufacturer, the vehicle’s fuel economy will likely decrease, forcing drivers to spend more on gas. During your career as a hybrid vehicle mechanic, be sure to conduct regular tire pressure assessments in order to optimize fuel consumption. 

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