The Hybrid Car That Broke a Guinness World Record: A Look at the Niro for Students in Mechanic Colleges

The hybrid vehicle industry is becoming increasingly saturated with great options. However, the options available are mainly compact cars and sedans. Car buyers who are looking for bigger and roomier hybrid vehicles are often disappointed by what’s available on the market. However, with new laws being implemented around the world mandating more hybrid and EV options, car manufacturers are racing to release new hybrids that offer even more than what’s already on the market. One of the newest vehicles to hit the scene: the Kia Niro, arguably the most affordable and fuel efficient crossover hybrid on the market today.

If you’re interested in becoming a mechanic, it may not be long before you work on one of these vehicles yourself. Read on to learn more about this record-breaking crossover hybrid.

An Overview of the Kia Niro for Students in Mechanic Colleges

For years car buyers have been searching for a reliable and affordable hybrid crossover vehicle. With the introduction of the Kia Niro, the search may be over. Currently, the 2017 Niro has only been released for sale in the United States, but Kia retailers in Canada are gearing up for the vehicle’s release north of the border. Graduates of mechanic colleges can look forward to seeing these vehicles sometime in the next coming year.

Starting at $26,850 CAD, the Niro is making headlines with its sleek appearance, generous fuel economy, and practical design. The Niro gets an impressive 52 city and 49 highway miles per gallon (which translates into approximately 22 city and 20.8 highway kilometers per litre). To put that into perspective, Kia’s non-hybrid crossover/SUV models like the Sportage and Sorento get 26 and 24 miles per gallon (11 and 10 litres per kilometer), respectively. The Niro effectively doubles the fuel economy of Kia’s other options.

The Specs of the Kia Niro for Students in Mechanic Colleges

The Niro features a four-cylinder engine and single electric motor generator. The generator is contained within an automatic six-speed transaxle. Drivers can enjoy 195 lb-ft of torque and 146 horsepower. Although the Niro isn’t necessarily suited to rough driving conditions due to it’s lacking an all-wheel-drive feature, it’s still well-suited to on-the-go urban driving.
The Niro isn’t just impressive under the hood. Models come equipped with blind spot detection, rear cameras, autonomous braking, lane departure warning, and a modern infotainment system.

How the Niro Broke a Guinness World Record

The Niro’s fuel economy is so good that it managed to break a Guinness World Record. It was driven across the United States from downtown Manhattan to Los Angeles. During that cross-country journey, the vehicle only consumed 4.1 tanks of gas! To be exact, 48.5 gallons (183.6 litres) of fuel was used. Any graduate of auto mechanic training will know that that’s pretty impressive mileage.

Although the Niro is deemed to get 52 mpg (22 kpl), it managed to set a new record at 76.6 mpg (32.6 kpl) during the trip. Although this may sound suspicious, no alterations were made to the vehicle prior to its cross-country voyage. This impressive performance could be attributed to the vehicle’s eco-mode, automatic engine shut-off, and advanced GPS data that provides suggestions to the driver, like when to go lighter on the gas based on the road’s topography.

Students in Mechanic Colleges May See the Niro Shake Up the Current Hybrid Market

The Toyota Prius has long been considered a leading hybrid vehicle. With 54 city and 50 highway mpg (or 23 city and 21 kpl), it easily challenges the Niro’s mileage. However, even among other hybrid vehicles on the market, the Niro stands out because it’s one of the first affordable crossover models with great mpg. Hybrid crossover contenders like the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, and Nissan Pathfinder only get anywhere between 25 and 33 mpg (10.6 and 14 kpl)—far less than what the Niro is known for.

With rumors that a fully electric model of the Niro is in the works, it’s safe to assume that the Niro could change the game for buyers seeking greener crossover options.

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