How to Recruit Excellent Drivers After Dispatching School

It goes without saying that truck drivers are central characters in the country’s transportation and logistics scene. Although it may play out in several ways, a fleet’s success or otherwise often boils down to the drive and efficiency of its drivers. 

That’s why recruiting a driver is not a decision to be taken lightly. For company decision-makers, it can be a tough, drawn-out process. But it pays to be as meticulous as possible with this task so as not to have to repeat the process again in the near future.

If you get a job as an Operations Manager in a trucking company after graduating from dispatching school, you may need to hire drivers at some point. Learn how to recruit excellent drivers for your company in this guide.

Post Job Ads for Drivers After Dispatch Training

The employment process for truck drivers is the same as it is for hiring any other kind of employee. It all starts with being aware of your requirements in relation to local hiring laws. 

To hire a top driver after your dispatch training, you should first draft and post a job ad.

There are local ordinances governing who can drive a truck for pay in several cities. You may have become aware of these laws during your time in dispatch training. The license required for commercial truck drivers could vary based on where you live. The first step in the employment process should be to familiarize yourself with your local and federal regulations and rules. Once you have consulted with your transportation department, you can search for drivers who hold the necessary certifications and licenses.

After you’ve taken care of the preliminaries, you can move to creating and posting job ads. Make the ad as detailed as possible and include a few lines promoting the company. When you’ve finished drafting the ad, run through it a few times again, then post it on multiple job boards.

Review Applications and Interview Promising Candidates

Applications are likely to start rolling in once your ad hits the boards. Depending on the specifications and requirements outlined in your job ad, you may receive tens or hundreds of applications. You may not find a driver that ticks all your boxes, but keeping those qualities that you consider essential in mind will prevent you from screening out candidates that look promising.

To recruit excellent drivers, schedule and organize interviews for promising candidates.

After assessing the applicants, select the most qualified candidates for interviews. Limit this list to 5 or fewer candidates to avoid being overloaded with choices. Next, invite the candidates on the list for an interview. 

Run Background Checks on Candidates

After dispatch school, your priority shouldn’t be limited to a candidate’s qualifications; their records should also interest you. Remember that your driver represents your company while they’re on the road.

At this point, request at least three supervisory references from each candidate. A minimum of two of them should be contacted. Getting in touch with the supervisors is crucial because they can provide you with information about the performance of the truck driver at work, as well as flag up any warning signs.

Also, run background checks on selected drivers. Background checks can reveal driving offences that may influence your hiring decision. However, remember to get authorization from the applicant before running a background check on them. 

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