Do You Work At Amazon? Learn How Automotive School Can Help You Advance Your Career

Not only is Amazon the world’s leading online marketplace; it’s also a platform that empowers its employees to reach for more. If you’re an Amazon employee and have been looking for a unique opportunity to expand your skill set and career prospects, then the Amazon Career Choice Program in partnership with the Automotive Training Centres (ATC) might be your ticket to an exciting new journey.

What is the Amazon Career Choice Program?

The Amazon Career Choice Program is a unique initiative that assists Amazon’s workers in pursuing further education, specifically in fields that have high demand. Amazon understands the importance of continuous learning and the potential for its employees to evolve in their professional aspirations. With the Career Choice Program, Amazon covers up to 95% of tuition and associated fees for courses, making it an attractive proposition for its employees. The full 100%is covered for applicants based in the US and 95% for those based in Non-US regions.

The Automotive Training Centre, or ATC, is one of the partner institutions with Amazon in this commendable venture. ATC is renowned for its specialized courses in the automotive sector, covering everything from repair and maintenance to management and sales. The collaboration between Amazon and ATC is a testament to the relevance and quality of education provided by the latter.

How Can Automotive School Help You?

The automotive industry isn’t just about repairing cars. It’s a vast domain with a myriad of roles including service advisors, parts specialists, operations managers, and more. With a certification or degree from ATC, you can pursue a diverse range of job profiles in the automotive world. In addition to this, the automotive sector is one of the few industries that has consistently shown growth. The skills you acquire at ATC are in high demand, ensuring that your career prospects remain bright.

Automotive school graduate applying his skills learned and interacting with a customer
With a certification or degree from ATC, you can pursue a diverse range of job profiles in the automotive world after automotive school.

ATC emphasizes practical training. This approach ensures that you’re job-ready from day one, possessing both the theoretical knowledge and the hands-on skills required to excel. Crucially, being a part of an institution like our auto mechanic school allows you to network with professionals, instructors, and peers in the automotive industry. This can be a stepping stone for future job placements, collaborations, and other opportunities. 

Why Should Amazon Employees Consider This?

For many Amazon employees, the prospect of continuing education can seem distant due to financial or time constraints. The Career Choice Program addresses these concerns directly, allowing employees to both work and study, all while minimizing financial stress. Additionally, the skills learned in automotive school are transferable. Even if you decide not to pursue a long-term career in the automotive industry, the managerial, technical, and problem-solving skills acquired will be assets in any field.

Amazon motor vehicle showing collaboration between Amazon and automotive school
The Automotive Training Centre, ATC, is one of the partner institutions with Amazon in this commendable venture.

The partnership between Amazon and ATC through the Career Choice Program opens doors to countless opportunities. It’s not just about acquiring a new skill; it’s about empowering yourself, diversifying your career options, and ensuring a secure future. As an Amazon employee, this is your chance to drive into a brighter, more fulfilling professional lane.

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