Hold the Mustard: 3 Common Car Pranks You Might See During Your Auto Detailing Career

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Car pranks can range from harmless fun to straight out vandalism. With social media, the pressure to up the stakes with every new prank is higher than ever. If you pursue an auto detailing career, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter firsthand a few car pranks that went further than they should have. Here is our choice of three pranks that are most likely to send a vehicle to an auto detailer for work.

Egged Cars Are One of the Most Common Pranks You’ll See in Your Auto Detailing Career

Yes, this is a classic prank, but it is definitely not a harmless one. Egging a car can cause damage to the paint in a number of ways. The broken shell can scratch the coat while the acidity of the yolk can stain the paint. If you wash the egg off right away, there shouldn’t be any damage, although a wax and polish might be in order. But if the eggs are allowed to sit—especially outside under the sun—then things can get nasty. Cleaning up the mess can also present a challenge. Egg whites are used to make glue, so once they’ve dried on a car trying to scrape them off is a challenge—and may cause more damage.

Faked Smashed Windows: Scary and May Require a Trip to the Auto Detailer

The last thing anybody wants to see is their car door window smashed and glass all over the driver’s seat like a theft has occurred. With this prank, that’s exactly the feeling the prankster is going for. Here’s how it works: the prankster completely rolls down the door window and then spreads shattered glass all over the seat. When the vehicle owner finds the car, they think their vehicle has been broken into while the prankster is off laughing in the bushes. This is usually just an annoying prank that will require a lot of clean up, which may be best handled by an auto detailer. So don’t be surprised if you encounter a couple cars during your auto detailing career that have fallen prey to this prank.

Bologna and Mustard on the Car: Not a Good Idea

Similar to the egged car prank is the car covered in bologna prank. It’s exactly as it sounds: the prankster buys a lot of slices of bologna and covers the victim’s car with them. Just like the egg prank, this prank can do some serious damage. The preservatives in the bologna can damage the paint if left on for too long, which can leave the poor prank victim with a car covered in polka dots.


This harmless looking meat could do some serious damage to a vehicle’s paint
This harmless looking meat could do some serious damage to a vehicle’s paint

Similarly, some pranksters might also douse a car in mustard. While seemingly harmless, this common condiment can also cause damage to car paint if left on for too long. After the unhappy victim has gotten a new paint job, your auto detailing courses at automotive school will come in handy with helping wax and polish the car so it looks like new.

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