The Hardest Car Parts to Clean Throughout Your Auto Detailing Career

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Cleaning certain car parts can be harder than others. While just about every part of a car will present its own set of challenges during cleaning, certain ones can be especially challenging. These are the parts you’ll have to pay extra attention to as an auto detailer. 

Whether it’s the car’s exterior windshield or interior parts such as its carpets and upholstery, knowing how to clean each part properly will work wonders for your career in auto detailing. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most difficult car parts to clean.

Windows are Difficult to Clean Because of What Can Get On Them

At first glance, windows may seem pretty simple to clean. All you need is a squeegee and some soap and water, right? Not quite. In many ways, windows can be among the hardest parts to clean because of how dirty and fragile they can get. Gum, spray paint, stickers, tints, and cracks are among the many factors that can make windows particularly hard to restore to their original form. What’s more, each of these factors requires specific strategies for getting them off or repairing them. For example, removing gum from a window requires the application of ice in order to have it harden and become less sticky, while removing spray paint necessitates gently using a plastic blade to scrape the paint off.

Items such as gum and stickers on car windows can be hard to get rid of
Items such as gum and stickers on car windows can be hard to get rid of

Those in Professional Automotive Detailing Also Need to Master Cleaning Wheels

Given how quickly dirt can accumulate on a car’s wheels and arches, they can become particularly difficult to clean. If dirt and dust have made themselves a home in between the vehicle’s rims, then the help of someone who works in professional automotive detailing may be needed. Wheels can also become hard to clean as the buildup of dirt can make it hard to visually inspect them. Plus, that buildup can be a real pain to get off! First, you’ll need to rinse the arch out to rid it of any loose dirt before spraying it with snowfoam and rinsing again. Afterwards, you’ll have to use an all-purpose cleaner and brush more dirt and grime out before rinsing one last time.

A Car’s Upholstery and Carpets Also Present Cleaning Challenges of Their Own

Cleaning vehicles’ upholstery and carpets involves far more than simply vacuuming. Pet hair, stains, grime and dirt can all make upholstery especially difficult to clean—not to mention any junk that may still be lying around. If the car’s upholstery is made of leather rather than cloth, it can pose its own problems if the leather seats have become cracked. While repairing cracked leather is possible, it’s also time consuming when done right. Should you work on cleaning upholstery during your auto detailing career, it’s important to have products on hand such as industrial cleaners, steam cleaning machines, and various brushes and wiping materials. This is because vacuum cleaners alone aren’t going to be powerful enough to get rid of everything.

To clean upholstery, many cleaning products come in handy, such as brushes and industrial cleaners
To clean upholstery, many cleaning products come in handy, such as brushes and industrial cleaners

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