A Guide to Opening Your Own Business After Auto Detailing Training

With so many different types of vehicles on the road, working or starting your own business in a sector within the automotive industry is filled with great long-term opportunities and prospects for success. One of those sectors in the automotive industry is auto detailing.

At the Automotive Training Centre in Montreal, we provide aspiring auto detailers with hands-on training, through which you’ll gain practical experience, learn the necessary skills to be an auto detailer and prepare for a rewarding career as a business owner in the industry. Read on to discover our guide to opening a successful auto detailing business. 

Hands-on Training Is an Essential First Step in Auto Detailing

To start a successful business, you need to have the proper training under your belt. For an aspiring auto detailer, the right practical training will go a long way towards establishing their business. It is a field that requires you to become an expert in exterior preparation and interior reconditioning, used vehicle exterior reconditioning, as well as vehicle paint surface repair and reconditioning. At ATC Montreal, you’ll receive extensive hands-on experience, with your training consisting of 85% in the auto shop, allowing you to master the trade of auto detailing in preparation for running your own business. After your training, you should also take the chance to work at other detailing shops in order to learn the ropes of the workplace and how a business runs on a daily basis. 

Your Business Should Be Licensed

To successfully run a business after completing your auto detailing training from ATC Montreal, you’ll need to get your business officially licensed with the required permits. The license can be registered within the province where you reside and operate your business or can be registered federally. Costs for licensing vary from province to province, so you’ll have to look into the specific costs for your location. Also, whether you’re planning to operate as an auto shop with a physical location or a mobile one, you’ll have to check what the requirements are to operate as an auto detailing business within your area.

Invest in Essential Equipment and Software

Investing in the right equipment and software for your business is another important factor to consider when establishing a successful business as an auto detailer. Remember, the tools you’ll need for detailing should cover both exterior and interior detailing. You’ll be aware of many of the tools needed for exterior detailing through your training at ATC Montreal, including detail clay, waxes, shines, acid-free degreaser, brushes, drying towels, applicators and detergents. 

Invest in essential equipment for your business after auto detailing training

For interior detailing, you’ll have to invest in several cleaning products designed for interior materials, like vinyl, leather, plastics, natural fibres and synthetic carpet upholstery. It is also advised to use bookkeeping software and business management software to allow you to operate your business smoothly.

Market Your Business to Attract Potential Customers 

Marketing your business is the next step to getting those potential customers into your business. You should create marketing campaigns and tactics that will allow you to reach every potential customer driving on the road. From delivering flyers to posting ads online, there are various ways you can get in touch with potential customers. 

When you start marketing your business and services, you’ll encourage potential customers to visit your shop

You should invest in developing a proper auto detailing business website, showcasing your location and all the services you provide. Customers nowadays are on their smartphones and tablets, searching for all their needs and desires online. An online presence is now key to many industries – and that includes your auto detailing business.

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