A Guide to the Latest Infotainment Trends for Students in Automotive School

When deciding on which vehicle they want to purchase, many drivers now pay close attention to the infotainment system and the cool new features it has to offer. Vehicle owners and passengers get mesmerized by an infotainment system’s look, feel, and capabilities. No wonder there’s a surge of interest among car manufacturers in coming up with new infotainment technologies and eye-catching tech features!

If you love cars and are passionate about all the fun new developments taking place at the forefront of the industry, read on to discover the latest trends in infotainment!

After Automotive School, You’ll Find the Digital Cockpit Just Got Smarter and More Personalized

Infotainment systems are no longer just vehicle assistance information systems that control basic functions like speaker volume. They’re starting to become a form of personalized entertainment—and not just for the driver, but for passengers as well. Personalization has become the name of the game for automakers in recent years. Samsung, for instance, has decided to go full out on the in-car experience. How so? For starters, it’s developed an Occupant Monitoring System (OMS) that can recognize passengers and personalize their in-car experience like adjust seat height. Rear seat screens that allow passengers to watch movies, surf the web, and more are also at the forefront of this company’s latest developments. Maybe these are developments you could you see in some of the vehicles that roll into your auto shop after graduating from automotive school.

After automotive school, you may get to see smart and personalized digital cockpits in vehicles

Staying Connected and Getting Updates

Customers like to stay connected—even when they’re on the road. As a result, you might notice after auto mechanic school that carmakers are constantly looking for new ways to improve connectivity.

Vehicle infotainment systems allow drivers to connect their smartphones and other devices for navigation, media streaming, and information access. New infotainment systems are looking to take that even further, so that drivers and passengers can arrange meetings, search for restaurants, and make reservations from the touchscreen of their vehicle infotainment dashboard. With vehicles moving towards being fully automated, and connectivity being at the centre of it all, downloading car updates remotely, just like you do on your smartphone, might soon also become the norm. Already, manufacturers like BMW have successfully sent out updates remotely. It’s something that you could see more of during your career!

Drivers will be able to stay connected with everything around them through their infotainment system

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Could Be Coming to an Infotainment System Near You

Human machine interface (HMI) is another new trend at the cutting-edge of vehicle infotainment systems. Auto manufacturers are now developing ways that allow vehicle owners to interact with their vehicle in the most seamless way possible. For example, in 2019 Mitsubishi Electric launched a smart and natural HMI for vehicles using its Maisart proprietary AI technology. The HMI provides smart notifications to warn drivers about objects that are out of their sight. Also, the HMI can respond to a driver or passenger’s verbal inquiries with regards to navigation, in a natural two-way conversation. Drivers can communicate with the infotainment system without the need to touch a button or screen, which helps prevent distractions while on the road. It’s something that you might see more of in the cars of tomorrow.

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